Thursday, June 26, 2008


"help, mommy! Fix it!"
Hear Ren Man closing gate as he leaves for work
Assume it's close to 7- when Ark Boy usually wakes up
Try to move quickly from the bed hoping Ark Boy's demands don't wake Farm Girl
Glance at alarm clock
You're kidding
Pull Ark Boy out of bedroom to help him button up his shirt
Yep, he slept in the button down shirt that he wore yesterday because he didn't want to take it off last night
Assuming he would wake in the night I unbuttoned most of the buttons intending to remove it sometime in the night
But he had slept all night
until 5:40am
When he insisted on getting in the "big bed"
Farm Girl woke
Nursed her with Ark Boy yelling for me to turn towards him to spoon
Ark Boy starts crying
Farm Girl crying
Not even 6am and both kids are crying at once- very familiar with this scenario- just not happy it's started so early
Ark Boy insisted he was hungry
Leave Farm Girl to go get breakfast
Ark Boy doesn't want breakfast
He wants lunch
Offer him everything in the fridge
Nothing is appealing apparently
he's on a cheese kick
quickly cut 3 pieces of cheese
Hear Farm Girl getting more upset
put cheese on small plate from last night
move to stairs
Ark Boy starts crying
insists mommy stays down stairs
attempt to patiently explain that Farm Girl needs mommy
Ark Boy wants to come upstairs
Repeat process of Farm Girl almost falling asleep and then being woken by Ark Boy's talking
Finally Farm Girl falls asleep
Don't expect her to stay asleep
Bring Ark Boy for cheese and blueberries downstairs
Turn on Signing Time hoping he'll notice and not come back upstairs
Check on Farm Girl
Still sleeping
she needs her sleep!
Turn on computer
put in contacts
start to feel more human
decide to sneak in shower before Farm Girl wakes up and maybe Ark Boy will remain on the couch
feel guilty for wishing couch potato-dom on Ark Boy
Check email
check on Farm Girl
See that she's stirring
oh no
Ark Boy starts calling for mommy
Go ask if he wants to shower in hopes that he'll be quiet and not speed up Farm Girls awakening
he doesn't want to shower
change his diaper
he wants to shower
take diaper off
Put Ark Boy in shower
Check on Farm Girl
not fussing
debate putting in bouncy seat but reason she'll be equally content- or not- either way
leave in bed
take quick shower
Hear Farm Girl
Turn off shower
Leave Ark Boy to play with bath toys
Try to get dressed
have nothing to wear!
clothes are overflowing from every crevice but have nothing to wear?!?!
hate this feeling
jeans and tshirt
Try to nurse Farm Girl
Dress Farm Girl
Diaper resistant Ark Boy
Ark Boy wants hugs
Farm Girl NEEDS hugs
distract Ark Boy with "lunch"
Wants more cheese
and more
and more
cheese all gone
blow bubbles for cranky Ark Boy
Farm Girl gets fussy around 9am
try to get her to sleep
Ark Boy wants mommy
Farm Girl NEEDS mommy
This isn't working
keep trying to put Farm Girl in swing and hold pacifier in mouth
Feel stupid for not holding her and for trying to pacify her with... what are pacifiers made out of? silicone?
Ark Boy runs to kitchen to talk loud
Farm Girl seems pacified
sneak to living room to play ball with Ark Boy
Hear Farm Girl get more upset
Try to explain to Ark Boy that he has to stay downstairs
doesn't work
Put on "Ark Boy TV" (homevideo) in hopes it will distract him from coming upstairs
Sneak upstairs with Farm Girl and nurse her in bed
Hear Ark Boy looking for me
Don't respond
Farm Girl needs her sleep
In no time she's asleep
Quietly go back down stairs
It's 10am
Ark Boy is pleasantly surprised to see me
Asks to sit on lap while watching "Ark Boy TV"
Feeling resentful but know that he's just needing more mommy because of recent stressors
Try to ignore resentment
Ask if Ark Boy wants to cuddle with mommy in Ark Boy's bed hoping he doesn't suggest cuddling happen in "Big Bed"
He says no
5mins later ask super cuddly Ark Boy same question
He enthusiastically agrees
Sneak back out of his room at 10:25

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