Monday, June 23, 2008


We decided to get a zoo membership.
We've had the membership for a month and have yet to go.
Finally Saturday I went with the kids and my mom.
Ark Boy hasn't gone since last fall.
It was so fun to see the view through the lens of a two year old.
The geese were a big hit.
Who goes to the zoo to see geese?!?!
Ark Boy was very excited about the "mommy daddy goose".
He saw two geese in the water a couple weeks before we moved at a nearby park.
For weeks he would say: "Goose.... water... swimming"
When we went back to that park about a week ago he searched and searched for geese but to no avail.
Finally in desperation I told him the geese had moved to a "new house" (as we had recently done).
Well! We found their new house! It's at the zoo!

Ark Boy wasn't overly excited about this creature when he saw it at the zoo but I had to include a picture.
He keeps calling it an "Emmie-you"
Emmie is his closest and oldest (as in known the longest) friend that Ark Boy has.

When we first brought Ark Boy into the building where the elephants were he couldn't get out of the building quick enough. I think it frightened him to see this huge animal in the building.
For the rest of the day, however, he kept asking to see the elephant (and signing emphatically for good measure). So before we left we went to the elephant building one more time.
When we arrived there were no elephants. The wait was good though.
Ark Boy was super comfortable with his surroundings by the time the elephants came in and he was so thrilled to see them it was really hard convincing him to move on.

So fun day had by all. We're going to go again this week and take more pictures because 20 or so is not enough for Ark Boy when he's watching "his" computer slide show. I'll try to get pics of Farm Girl being worn too.
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