Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dear Rye :: 5mos

Dear Rye,
So you're 5.5months ... so it's been a little busy! Well, it's always busy. But I got pictures done in plenty of time - it's the writing that's taken longer.
I can't get enough of your cuteness. Your cheeks are so kissable, your fingers beautiful, your skin soft. I remember a friend in highschool being very passionate about her friends and squealing: "oooh! I could just eat you!!!"
And now I understand.

Your favorite thing about you is ... your hands. They fascinate you. They distract you mid-smile with another human. They are fun to grab and suck on ... and use to grab other things to suck on.
You still have all the signs of teething with no teeth yet. That's okay. I'm soaking up this gummy smile - and loads of drool - from you,not me.

You're so expressive with your adorable face. You are not at all stingy with your smiles. It takes nothing for a grin to spread across your face when someone looks at you.
You don't often cry but when you do, it starts slowly ... with a very adorable frown. This is most easily spotted when we know you've just been hurt or surprised. We wonder if you'll respond. It takes a second. And then a frown slowly forms. And then crying. It's very cute. And heartbreaking at the same time.

Just yesterday you realized there are other living beings in your life - not just humans. You kicked and giggled like crazy at Eden, one of our Great Pyrenees, as she sniffed at your toes while I carried you outside - which she does almost every time we walk by. But this time, you noticed. And you were very entertained.
This morning, Dad brought you out to the barn while I was doing chores. A heifer moo'd just about the time I said: "Oh, he's so cute - why did you put a pink hat on your little boy?" because you were wearing all blue and I get this kind of reaction all.the.time when you're not dressed in society's idea of "girl" - and people get all offended or something - but that's another topic.
So just as I said this, the heifer moo'd and a frown slowly appeared on your tiny face. We laughed at the timing and it took us a minute to figure out what made you so sad. We think it was a combo of the moo and realizing there was a big animal between me and you. We brought you over to a cow to feel and you were wary, but not crying. You then noticed the chickens. You seemed interested, but non-emotional about the chicken antics.

Del and Noah are slightly more interested in you ... but it varies greatly. When they walk by, you track them. When they happen to jump, you laugh hysterically. And then they respond by jumping more. And you giggle like crazy. If you hear Del or Noah talking, you immediately look to find them. I think they are your favorite - which warms this momma's heart.

You had your first Thanksgiving - a week after I should have written this letter. It was fun because some family hadn't met you yet. You graced everyone with your gummy grins. It was so fun to hang out with your great grandmother - I love that your middle name is her first name. She pointed out the cousins in Dad's generation that also have her first name as a middle name. It was crazy to think that this time last year I was feeling a little sick, not super in to food ... and no one but Daddy knew you were growing inside of me. Man - time goes fast! And this time next year you'll be walking and talking!

So right now I'm staying present and enjoying your enthusiasm when you discover animals (and the tears), relishing the tiny baby hugs and kisses - because you definitely give them!, laughing at your cooing and distractability when something grabs your attention, the change in weight distribution on my back when I'm wearing you and you fall asleep .... all of it. It's so fun to have the perspective of this not being my first rodeo. I love the phrase "the days are long but the years are short" .... but these days, even the days are short!

In other exciting developments, you just started reaching for a person when you want them to take you. Another heart-melting experience.

I'm so so thankful for you, baby girl!

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