Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dear Rye :: 4mos

Dear Rye,
You're so close to rolling over. Okay. Fine. You've rolled over more than once, but not when I'm in the room, so I'm not sure at you intentional you are. And also. I'm not ready. I can't believe you're 4months old. (I also can't believe I gave birth four months ago.) People talk about starting solids at 4months old. Solids - like food! I can't even imagine that with you.
You nurse whenever, wherever, and rarely pop off yourself. So you're getting a ton of breastmilk ... and there's a ton of spit up that goes with that (although, Noah and Del have asked me clarify why we just don't call it puke).

You're such a momma's girl - it's crazy. Dad says you last about 15minutes before you suddenly lose it if I'm not there. I don't think it's quite that bad, but maybe. You are chill being passed from person to person (it happens a lot at the store), but you wiggle with your whole body and give me a huge grin when you see me across the room. To be fair, you're not too stingy with your smiles. You're happy to grin big and wiggle around whenever anyone looks at you. You might be most excited to see your siblings though, which is really cool. You've started giggling this month too - so Del and Noah have all kinds of fun trying to get you to laugh.

You're putting weight on your legs and seem to be trying to lift your head up off flat surfaces - like starting to do a sit up? I don't know what you're doing - but your ab muscles surprise me!
You're still tiny, but like Noah's "big" seemed "normal", your "petite" seems "normal". Then we see a baby that is very close in age and are surprised at how monstrous the other baby seems. This happens every time. So that makes me think you are actually small. Which is fun, because you act your age, in a tinier human form than the average. Yet those hands (feet too) are so so huge!

You've totally discovered your hands this month and it's cracking us up. You often grab at your hands in a nervous way or in a "I am scheming" way. But you also grab those hands and your eyes cross as you concentrate on them ... and then shove them in your mouth. Because the teething is real. You're gnawing on your hands and on mine (and anyone else's) and the saliva is overwhelming so there's lots and lots of drool.

Your favorite time of day is still morning. As soon as you see a person, you're smiling at them, big. When the swaddler comes off, there's a big warm stretch, then smile, smile, smile. You sleep awesome at night, but it's like sleeping with another grown person - the wiggles, burps, farts, grunts ... yep. Who knew a baby could be so loud and expressive with bodily noises?

Sometimes you fall asleep in the day in my arms. If you wake suddenly, your eyes are red and you look around all confused. Once again, making us laugh.

You continue to charm everyone who sees you - it's like they've never seen a baby before. People often comment that your face isn't a baby face - like you already have mature features. More than once you've had two grown men smiling and cooing and doing anything they can to get a grin from you. More than once someone has asked if you are for sale, at the store. Del is always quick to say "no way!" Noah is still holding out for you to learn to love video games.
We also have to remember that this is the month I told the kids to entertain you as I rushed out of the room to help a customer. Del dramatically turned her back to you and took a few steps away - then quick! - turned to you and shouted "boo!". Your face crumpled up and you started bawling. It was just too scary. We laughed and laughed.
The next day the three of you hung out at Grammy and Grampy's while I went to this photo shoot and that one. Grammy said you had the same reaction when Noah shouted "boo!" at you. Grammy assured Noah that it was an accident. He replied with certainty that it was no accident, he knew shouting "boo!" would cause the reaction it did. Brothers!

As the temperature drops and we head into the cold season, I don't feel I can get enough layers on you! So thankful for babywearing, when appropriate. But it also reminds me that you'll be experiencing so many firsts! There's already been your first snow-fall. If it stays this cold I'm going to see if we can have you skip trick-or-treating, even though Del and Noah have big plans for dressing you up. But I'm excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas with you.
Funny to think that this time last year we didn't even know you were already gestating - and now you're this interactive person! And at Thanksgiving we were keeping you a secret and at Christmas we were finally telling everyone ... and this year you're here - with your smile on!

We love you always,

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