Friday, April 25, 2014

There are no books left

I finished the Divergent series and now my life is empty.
I've lost my purpose.
Yes, I'm embarrassed about this.!

I've tried to pick up two (and I just started the third) books since, and I just can't.
At the same time, I can't face reading this again.
Not yet.

I think the writing and detail outshines Hunger Games, Incarnate, and Twilight. For all three YA series, I was ready to fly through the third book just to finish it!
Least of all with Incarnate.
Not at all with Divergent.
I've now not only finished the series but also every scrap of extra material I can dig up - because nothing is as compelling.

Eventually I will be able to move on.
But until then, you can find me in the Divergent bubble.

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