Monday, January 6, 2014

Books: Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

I think my friend, the Librarian Pirate, suggested this book approximately 343 years ago (I checked and it was two years ago) and I finally, finally started reading it.
And I just.can'
What's more exciting?!
It's a trilogy!
I can keep reading!! The sad part about ending good books, is that your relationship with the characters end.
I'm happy to have more to read about these "friends" I've gotten to know.
And looking at Jodi Meadows website there might be a book 4 and 5!!

Book synopsis:
Ana was born in to a world where everyone is re-incarnated over and over and over again - but she's new. She's the only new soul ever. Raised by a mother who is ashamed of the "no-soul" she birthed, Ana had limited access to the outside world with minimal contact with other humans and only slightly more access to information after she taught herself to read. The book starts when Ana is 18 and is finally ready to set off, away from home, determined to reach the capitol city, seeking information about her past and her future. On her quest to the city she meets a friend - a new concept for her - and they face adventures together .... only to discover that perhaps their life IN the city is even more treacherous and complicated than their life on the road TO the city.

I've lately read a few books that don't grab me from the start, but I plow through (I very rarely STOP a book I've started, it's got to be truly awful). Incarnate, however, had me hooked from the first chapter.

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