Wednesday, January 1, 2014

14 personal goals for 2014


I usually scoff at resolutions.
But goals?

Goals I can get behind!
And to stay focused - I'm refraining from including any professional goals.

1. Blog once a week with more day-to-day, family life type posts (yes?)
2. Make soap - more and more and more soap
3. Read a fiction book a month (and blog about it?) - really take time to enjoy each book - I tend to read too fast and then not necessarily remember what I've read
4. Come up with and execute a personal photography project
5. Block time out to spend time with each person in our family, be conscious about that time
6. Remain present
7. Be proud of small achievements, remembering that this time with our children is limited. A load of laundry in a day? Awesome. A room vacuumed? Success!
8. Find/create a hair conditioner that works for me, so I can stop running to the store for conditioner (this curly hair needs a lot!)
9. Make sugar cookies, gingerbread, and eggnog - without the pressure of Christmas
10. make socks
11. start homemade Christmas gifts by June
12. Can jam and tomatoes and something new too
13. Use a new recipe regularly
14. Spend less

What are your goals this year?

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