Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear Del 5 years old!!

Dear Del,
It's hard to believe that you're 5. For months we've been saying you're almost 5 ... so now that you are actually 5, it doesn't seem like a big deal ... and at the same time - it's HUGE. You're FIVE! That's super grown up! You're super excited about being 5. The only drawback you can see is that you know it means the end of preschool is near. You love preschool with a passion. Your friends are awesome but your teachers are even better, I think. When you overhear me talking about one of them by their first name you're quick to jump in with an emphatic "MISS". You honestly think that's part of their name. You'll say: "you know, miss....I can't remember the rest of her name. Do you?" There's more than one teacher so more than one grownup at school who has that memorable "miss" at the beginning. There are your regular classroom teachers but also the other classroom teachers, the gym teacher, and your swimming teachers. It's all so fun for a Miss Extrovert.


Your dress sense gets smiles everywhere we go. You're quite upset if someone says you're "cute" or "beautiful" or "pretty" ... the only appropriate adjective is "cool". "Cool" is the word of the day whether you're wearing a hat, stripes with plaids, tights, leggings, layered shirts that "match" because they both have butterflies on them, etc. Tights are a new discovery. You love them. But you're baffled by the requirement that a skirt or dress be worn over tights. You have a hard time seeing why tights aren't a pants replacement. And as always, you're very confident in your own convictions.


We talked about 4 being the year you started only using your words instead of screams .... you thought that was a good idea right before your 4th birthday and then decided that it might be more a "maybe" kind of situation. Now that we're heading into post-5-birthday, you're using your words more and more every day. There are set backs but there's also a light at the end of the tunnel - which means a lot less frustration for both of us.
Your reading and writing is amazing. Your passion for learning - on your own terms - is fascinating to watch. It's so fun to think about that vocal baby who did indeed become the vocal five year old. I'm so glad you are who you are. You're going places and will always be satisfied following your heart.


Love you forever and ever,

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