Monday, September 24, 2012



I noticed in two people (so therefore it's conclusive evidence) that around 30 years of age the coffee drinking begins.

I don't like coffee.
I never have.
It's the smell and the taste.
I'll take a hot chocolate instead.

But coffee feels like a grown up thing that is inevitable.
But it's gross.
But I used to think alcohol was gross.
Until I discovered Irish Cream.
So maybe it's just finding the right tasting coffee.

My mom buys in green coffee beans.
She roasts them.
She grinds them.
She drinks coffee.
I'm told by everyone who visits to try them that the coffee is amazing.

Still gross.

I went to the MD for a physical.
She commented on the softness of my breasts.
That was weird.
And then she explained that coffee drinkers tend to get sinew-y breasts.

Another reason not to drink the yucky brown coffee.

But now I'm closer to 30 than 29.
I know, I can't believe it either.
So now is the time to start drinking coffee, given my two person pool of evidence.
And my need for a quick caffeine kick in the afternoon - caffeine, something that didn't give that kick in the past - and if you know me personally then you're grateful for that!
And when it's super sweet and frothy and creamy - then I can drink that.
But super sweet froth cream with a dollop of coffee is elusive at home.
I can only find it in coffee shops.

I think I have all the necessary ingredients - fresh coffee beans, fresh cream .... honey, maple syrup, or sugar. We even have that frother/steamer thing but it doesn't seem to froth. My mom thinks it's because the milk is too fatty as our skimming capabilities are not as effective as it is for skimming milk on a commercial level. Or maybe we just don't know how to use the frother/steamer?

How do you get yummy coffee drinks at home?


Holly said...

This is funny.  You can add a third person to your "conclusive" list that coffee drinking starts at 30 -- me!  =-)

If you're looking for a coffee sub you could try this: Queen, who also writes most of the Charlotte Mason based books we use for school (LOVE them...short, simple, gentle, with poetry, art study...but I digress....) is also a certified holistic health care provider.  She's started selling this & I am thinking of buying some to help kick my coffee habit.  Getting to be way too many cups a day...and way too unhealthy considering the amount of hazelnut creamer I use. *blush*   Thinking this & some of her liquid stevia, which everyone swears has no aftertaste, may be the ticket.  

Things to think about..... 

lovermont said...

Off to look at queens homeschooling!

Kate Duval said...

Please link to your steamer that you have...because you're right, that milk that is too fatty is harder to froth....but shouldn't be impossible.  Skim milk is the frothiest.  And I'm assuming I'm one of the people who started drinking coffee at 30 so I can't add to your evidence pool.

lovermont said...

The brand is capresso - it's mostly like this one:

I see this brand has the bottom agitate ones too.