Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dear Del 4 years 4mos

Dear Del,
Another month gone and I'm so excited that we spent it together! I can't believe you're getting so close to five. I recently said that you are seeming more like a five year old and you said: "no I'm not, I'm four" - so apparently there's some two year old left in there too.
I love your turn of a phrase, your little body (that is getting bigger every day!), and your funny jokes.


We've had so much fun together this month. Noah started daily swimming lessons at a nearby beach so you've been enjoying a ton of sand and water time. We went to our local fair one week and that same week we made a trip to Santa's Workshop to see what fun we could find. The fair was fun (I liked the animals - you two liked the rides). Several rides you were too small to go on. I thought you were tall enough for one of them (you LOVE rides!) so you stood in line. When you got on the plane (yes, a plane that went up in the air - high!) the person running the ride informed me that I too needed to ride. I looked around frantically for Nina or Grammy (who were also there) but they were both off and didn't see my distress. I survived. You were thrilled. All was good.


Santa's Workshop was a lot of fun too but I don't think we can go again. You could ride on every single ride but Noah could only go on four. We still had a bunch of fun and it was a very full day. One of the rides Noah could go on was a small roller coaster. No big deal. But you had to have someone ride with you. And you wanted to go. Of course you did, you love rides. So Nina, Grammy, and I all went on.

It was terrifying. I didn't go on again.
You did.
Lots and lots and lots of times.
Nina and Grammy were full on grandmother mode and were willing to be your riding companion, thankfully.


We also did our first camping trip ever. We left Daddy home and we went with Grammy for a two night camping adventure. It was peaceful and relaxing and you and Noah spent a lot of time just looking at the lake that was next to our campsite. It was a great way to reconnect with you both and oh so much fun. We roasted marshmallows, swam, and read some Magic Tree House. We also snuggled in the tent at night, met up with friends, and enjoyed juice boxes galore. Our camping trip was right after a three-night stay at Grammy's and you were a champ. You were very excited to see Daddy again after a whole week away!


I love you and love this life we have together. You still love spending time with chicks, visiting the sheep with Nina, and digging in the sandbox. A trip to the sandpit bordering our property is a big hug highlight of any day.

I love you with your tangled hair, dirty feet, and love of anything sweet,

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