Friday, March 16, 2012

Kid Speak

I really love wearing Baby Legs! Do you? You should try it!
-Ark Boy to Ren Man

I'm going to be nice and shiny when I get out.
-Farm Girl in the shower

Sometimes when I look in the mirror it makes me confused.
-Ark Boy

Farm Girl: I like spicy stuff
Ark Boy: What about pepperoni?
Farm Girl: Yep
Ark Boy: What about the spice of life?
Farm Girl: Yep ... I mean, I never tried the spice of life before

I'm always a little nervous about bears.
-Ark Boy

This page is about the elephant. I mean the "A" and "B" and "C".
-Farm Girl

Mommy: How long do you want the timer set for?
Farm Girl: I want it for a long minute.

Farm Girl: Is that a sticker on the dresser? ... Is that a firzinor?
Daddy: Furzinor?
Farm Girl: No! Furzinor!
Daddy: Furzinor?
Farm Girl: NO! FURZINOR!
(repeat 2-3x's)
Daddy: Can you think of another way to say it?
Farm Girl: Is that something you're not supposed to put stickers on?
Daddy: Oh! Furniture!

*Daddy laying on ground and Ark Boy trips over him as he walks by*
Daddy: Oops
Ark Boy: I guess you were too spaceful.

I think I just want everything that's unhealthy for my body.
-Farm Girl on ice cream sundae options

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Dez said...

Spaceful!  I love it!  Your kids are hilarious!