Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kid Speak

My head said: "the dogs don't have any more water, I should fill up their water bowl" and I said: "okay head, I'll do that" - that's what I said to my head and my head said to me
-Farm Girl

You missed it, Babe
-Ark Boy while playing Battleship ... talking to his mother, until I explained that not every woman likes to be called "babe" - this surprised him.

Mom! I'll be ready in no time! ... Mom! "no time" means I'm ready right now! *whispers to her brother* Mommy didn't know that "no time" means no time! I'm ready right now! Mommy didn't know that! *giggle giggle*
-Farm Girl

Ark Boy: Is that glitter on his tongue? (looking at a picture online of someone sticking out their pierced tongue)
Me: Ummm, yeah
Ark Boy: Is it really? Glitter?
Me: Ummm, it's a piercing.
Ark Boy: What's that?
Me: It's like when you pierce your ears to put earrings in? He has that on his tongue.
Ark Boy: That's so silly *giggling* He was doing that to be silly, right? *hahahaha*

*whispers* I'm hiding from "goodnight"
-Farm Girl upon learning that it's bedtime

*sadly* these are not m&m's ... or chocolate chips
-Farm Girl looking at her cinnamon raisin bagel

Ugh! I want chicken meat! Not potato meat!
-Ark Boy (also known as stew beef)

And that male is a girl, I think
-Farm Girl

We have a downstairs?
-Ark Boy (remember we're in a double wide right now)

A flying horse! I knew it was a flying horse because it has wings to fly, see the wings?
-Farm Girl observing the logo at a Mobil gas station

I'm NOT a DAD! I'm a bandit!
-Exasperated Ark Boy while playing with his sister and a female friend (who evidently was playing rendition 456 of "house")

When I'm four I'm going to be taller than you ... I'm going to be THIS tall!
-Farm Girl pointing to Mommy's belly button

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