Monday, January 23, 2012

socialization and homeschool?


There comes a time (or multiple times) in a parents life when your heart swells with pride and you can't believe this child is the one you've been raising all this time.

This was not one of those times.

Friendly mom at Farm Girl's school who is interested in home schooling after preschool peeks her head into our car where Ark Boy is sitting.
Friendly mom: Hi, Ark Boy!
Ark Boy: *grunt*
Friendly mom: How do you like homeschool?
Ark Boy: *phhheeeeeww* (or whatever sound it is when you place your tongue between your lips and spit)

I'm reassuring myself with the fact that he tends to be shy, he would be like this with any adult stranger that initiated a conversation whether he was homeschooled or not, and this is something we can work on.
Two days later we had this successful conversation :

Man enters archery area where Ark Boy is having lessons while we're waiting for his instructor
Me: *smile at man*
Man: *smiles back*
Me: Hi
Man: Hi, how are you?
Ark Boy: HI!!!!
Man: Hi! Are you here to do some shooting?


Ark Boy: mmhmm

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