Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Del 3years 7mos

Dear Del,
I'm not sure about your school. I'm just not. One teacher in particular is rubbing me the wrong way. I try to remind myself that it's only for a few years and the whole point was you learning to interact with adults different from Mommy. Still, I'm not 100% comfortable. You're back and forth. On days you find out that it's a school day you say: "ahh" in a groan-y way. On days you find out it's NOT a school day, I get the same reaction. And then sometimes it's: "yay!" so I think you're on the fence.


A friend of ours comes to pick Noah and I up for home school co-op one day a week. We leave a couple of minutes before you and so the friend gets to see you weekly. She says that you grow and change so much week to week. She's noticed an increase in your confidence and vocabulary. I don't know if that's school (what I think she attributes it to) or just getting more comfortable with this friend.


Your relationship with Noah turned quite rocky at the beginning of the school year. (Really this meant your relationship became a little more typical of relationships between siblings) I blamed school and the subsequent separation the two of you had from each other. But a month or so in and you've figured it out, the two of you. You're really starting to use words with him (instead of yells) and he's responding speedily to your requests. And, like pre-school days you're quick to fight for a certain toy and then return it to an elated Noah as soon as you've been given the choice to have it or not. Fickle, fickle.


You're loving cooking. Whenever given the opportunity you're happy to pull up a chair and stand at the mixer adding pre-measured ingredients. This is something that mostly happens with Daddy or Grammy.
You love playing with language. You change words and think you're funny. You carry around dolls or stuffed animals, play regularly with an etch-a-sketch, jump like crazy on our new huge trampoline, have started using the bathroom all by yourself, draw probably every single day, just regular-old-growing-up stuff. You recently said: "And THAT'S why I wanted to be born BEFORE Noah!" It's quite frustrating to not be able to choose your birth order.


I love you, love you,

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