Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meyer Lemon

Originally posted on the farm blog on May 2, 2011

Meyer Lemon

In 2009 we purchased a Meyer Lemon tree with the intention of having it as a container plant that lived outside in the summer and inside in the winter.
We've had this tree for almost two years.
It was produced a total of one lemon.
It was delicious.
The best lemon we've ever had.
The skin was so thin and wow...
I've heard that watermelon rinds should really be thin when picked - we purchase them thick because they are shipped with thick rinds because ... they ship best that way - not because they taste best that way.
I presume lemons are the same way.
And now our Meyer Lemon tree has soooo many itty bitty lemons started!
Must be Vermont + Citrus = Happy.

I'm really presuming that the plant is in a sunnier window at our new house. I have no delusions about citrus and New England ;)

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