Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Noah ::5 years!

Dear Noah-Noah,
FIVE!! That's super old! You're five. So unbelievable. Sometimes it's overwhelming to think of how you're an individual independent from me. The things you do and say amaze me - sometimes in a way that leaves me scratching my head, other times with a chin on the ground, and sometimes with a proud proud heart.

We discovered Uno early in this month. So fun to see the gears working in your head as you piece the rules together and it's so adorable to hear you or Del shout "UNO!" with great enthusiasm.
We took out all of the word cards except the plain Wild card. Within a week you were begging for the Skip card. Del opted out of a game of Uno so it seemed like the right time to introduce the Skip card. I started shuffling but had to go help Del with something. When I came back and started dealing the cards you were adamant that you wanted a Skip card in your hand. You were so excited to discover you'd been dealt a Skip card then revealed that you'd tucked one up your sleeve - just in case! A cheating Uno player!

It was a very big month for us with our move (finally!) to Vermont. I was finding the idea of the move harder and harder when I realized all of the amazing friends we'd be leaving. When I said bye to our friend Debra and realized it would be the last time we'd be seeing her I was feeling very sad. When you noticed you said: "You know what I think will help? If we do a snuggle together."

During a crazy wiggly snuggle I explained that sometimes I think this is why a third baby isn't a good idea because where would the third baby fit in the snuggle. You said that you would snuggle on top of my head in the bed and the baby could have your spot. When Del said she wanted to push the baby out I assumed she meant out of the snuggle. When questioned she said she wanted to help the push the baby out of my body. You said you wanted to give me rubs so it wouldn't hurt so much when the baby is born. I had to back that train up quick, even though your sweetness was on the brink of causing me to burst. Babies are not in our near future, my friend. We keep saying that our third baby is our farm.

During all the craziness of the end of our time our last week in RI we had a "pretend birthday" party for you with 5 friends. It was madness. But at that point (minimal furniture, boxes stacked everywhere, etc) we thought - why not? You had
And then we had two playgroup meet ups and a playgroup family dinner. So much to squeeze into one week. We knew we were doing what was best for us and what we'd always wanted to do but it was so so sad to say goodbye to the place you were born, the friends we'd all grown with, the playgrounds you knew so well ...
On moving day you were a big help, carrying whatever you could from the house to the moving truck with much gusto. We had a long ride up to Vermont with some stress on Mommy's part as we lost Daddy in the moving truck. He ended up pulling into the driveway about half an hour after us. Mommy was in tears but you and Del we're so excited about sleeping in your bunkbed! You're loving your new room, all the fun with relatives, holding chicks, spraying Del in the milking parlor, climbing hills, planting seeds, using the broad fork ...

You are all about wrestling, fighting, and any form of physical accomplishment. Grampy can't resist coming in to see you and Del when he comes in from the barn at night ... about 10 minutes after you're in bed. It's pretty cute. And he's all about wrestling with you when he sees you - sometimes it's hard to figure out when it's time to take a break on the wrestling. Some mornings during chores Grampy tells me that his back is hurting ... he thinks from the previous days wrestle with you. I tell him that he started it. Aunty Chels was recently reading a book before bed to you and Del and you were all resting against Grampy who was laid out on the floor. Grampy fell asleep (he's always tired!). He woke up when you kicked him in the belly. The next day he asked you if you kicked him or Aunty Chels did. You said you thought it was Aunty Chels, but if she said it wasn't then it might have been you. When Grampy told you Aunty Chels said it wasn't her you said: I guess it was me then.
Grampy thinks this is all very funny. He laughs every time he thinks of you saying: I guess it was me then.

I love you, Super Hero.

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