Saturday, December 18, 2010

On Dolls

I wanted to get a doll for Farm Girl.
She loves them.
This is not conciously encouraged by her parents in any way.
She's been kissing baby doll heads since she was 6mos old and recently has started talking in baby talk to them (something I swear I don't do!).
So we have a few dolls - she doesn't need another one.
Except I was feeling like she could use one that was smaller (ie more manageable for her two year old body).
But when examining Exhibit A (see below from left to right: "Sarah" I begged for and was thrilled to receive as a Christmas present one year just about the age when I really shouldn't have been asking for dolls, "Charlie" a doll donated to the Ark Boy Needs a Doll cause by a thoughtful aunt and has since been adopted by Farm Girl after Ark Boy showed little to no interest beyond stripping it of clothes also sporting belly button when Ark Boy pointed out lack of said belly button as a toddler, "no-name tiny baby" gifted by Grammy, handsewn 'waldorf' inspired doll gifted by Mommy - note that no doll has any removable clothing remaining on doll body).
Exhibit A convinced me that no other doll needed to be purchased.


Nina, AKA my mother was aching to buy Farm Girl a doll this Christmas and pointed out Exhibit B.


Nina struggled to find a small-ish (but not tiny) soft bodied baby for Farm Girl.
I spotted one at TJMaxx (we can call this Exhibit C but Exhibit C has no picture as exhibit was wrapped before it could be spotted by doll-seeking-Farm-Girl).
Nina is thrilled and said she has already purchased a mei tai for said baby.
So Mommy is thrilled.
And Mommy was feeling more convinced about "needing" additional baby after Farm Girl was attracted (once again) relentlessly to a friend's baby (AKA Medium Size Baby) which lead to Farm Girl announcing she would like a "pecial pecial baby like Amy" (friend).
Everyone is thrilled (or will be when they know pecial pecial baby is in their posession).

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