Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Del 33months

Dear Del-Del,
Your most commonly used word this month is "oopsies!" You might think this means it's been an oops-filled month. Not anymore than normal. It's just that now you have a word that you love to use when anything is off kilter. It can mean: "I just peed all over my new board game because I couldn't resist playing with it even though I knew I needed to pee" or it can mean: "I noticed that my hat isn't on quite straight" and everything in between.


In other news... Daddy cut your hair. That's right. He did. Without telling me he was going to. He claims it wasn't much. I could tell though.
He said it was because he was giving your brother a hair cut and you asked for one to - how could he deny? What would be the reasoning. Because you're a girl? So you got the tiniest of trims with no pictures to document, no locks of hair saved, and Mommy didn't even see. I understand it was a spur of the moment decision but I'm a little sad I missed it!


You are a crazy candy/cookie/anything sweet girl. When you opened your stocking you sat on your bed eating every.single.piece while your brother saved all but three pieces for later. We marveled at how much you look up to your brother and want to do everything he does - but you're also so so different.


Earlier this month Mommy had a mild medical scare that got me all worried about lots of things. You discovered me sobbing crying and asked what was wrong. It was hard to explain in a way that wouldn't be scary. Then you asked if I wanted "back pats". After patting for a while you said: "you feel better now?".


We talk about the differences between you and Noah sometimes and have all sorts of theories - you're birth order, your life experience, your gender, your personalities. Really, it's a combination of all of those things. We don't encourage baby play or being aware of others feelings or self care with you. We do with Noah. Maybe we do subconsciously? I find that hard to believe though when we're not wanting to box you into something society deems female. We want you both to be well rounded. So it's interesting when things that we see as so "female" come out so strong in you.


We're not anti your "female" - not at all! But we want to make sure you know you can be anything - hugs optional. But you ARE aware of how others are feeling, you are chatty, you love to draw, to say: "it's okay" to your babies as you pat their backs ... And then you slap someone for no reason, sit for an hour in the sandbox covering yourself in wet yucky sand, and growl like a lion.
It's complicated.
When we ask why your babies are sad you say: "she miss her mommy". When we ask where the baby's mommy is you say: "at work". Slight guilt on that one.


You LOVE to cut paper with scissors. There are constantly tiny bits of paper scattered all over the office floor. Teeny tiny bits of paper.
If you're not cutting the paper you're drawing. Usually with a pen because that's what's on hand. The cutest thing is when you lie on your belly, prop yourself on your elbows, and have your legs bent at the knee as you draw sprawled on the floor.


You are a big fan of books. After you've heard a story once I will often discover you sitting cross legged on your bed reading away - the themes for each page are being said quietly, often in a high pitched voice, as you "read" your book. Sometimes to yourself, sometimes to your babies. We've always said that we wanted kids who loved to read so we would do what we could to encourage that. This month we realized that we've succeeded on that front - with both of you.


When Daddy asked you: "what's that?" looking out the window one morning earlier this month you said: "that white stuff". You love the sound of the snow crunching beneath your boots and eating handfuls of snow. So excited to see what the next snowy month holds!
Love you Big Girl,

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