Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dear Del 32 months

Oh Del!
What a month! Daddy suspects you're hungry. He's noticed your not really eating. I think we should start leaving a tray of food out all the time and maybe that would help. The thing is: you're miserable 70% of life - at least home life. "No" is a favorite word and you want to be carried all the time. Sounds like a pretty miserable girl. The thing is - that screaming/yelling thing you used to do? It's back. I don't think it necessarily went away but the level is back up to the norm. It usually comes before any words what-so-ever. And you've added hitting and pinching to the mix. To add to your frustration: when you're reminded to use your words, and you do, you still don't always achieve the desired outcome. It's hard being two!

Maybe you need to get out more? No one else believes that sweet, easy going, gentle Del could be a crabby goose at home. Maybe that social, chatty, funny "I-not-Silly-Goose-I-Goose-Del!" needs to be with other friends. Last week in particular may have been a challenge because there were no "Cooper" days and no "school" days. But then on those days you seem cranky too and I chalk it up to tiredness.


Speaking of tiredness - bedtime has become our biggest struggle yet. It's tricky to find the line of respecting your wishes and being firm in the decision that you need to sleep. You have every trick down ("I need to go poddy -pee and poop!" OR "Turn pillow over ... it too cold, turn back" OR jumping on the bed OR running down the hallway OR insisting you need a specific doll (the one that has gone off to sleep by itself in an undisclosed location!) OR shaking water bottle over face until water pours down soaking pillow). It's one big hour and a half (that's right - HOUR AND A HALF) of stress/rage/frustration fun. We need to work on this. I'm not sure how ... trial and error, that will work eventually, right?


In other news (despite what was said above) you have found the inner "class clown" and you love to make people laugh. You're pretty funny - often on accident. When you realize something you did was funny you repeat it to see if you get the same reaction. If Noah does something that makes people laugh you are sure to repeat it. I hear this is a typical second child trait. So funny to see it come through in you.
You have found your singing voice this month. Your entire repetoire consists of a compilation of lines from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - usually the lines are not in any prescribed order which makes it challenging when you demand a singing partner.


For a while this month we had a family session of Ring-around-the-Rosie demanded of everyone nightly. You love it and can't get enough! It's pretty cute - despite the demand that happens pre-ringing around the rosie.
You've discovered reflections. The car, a mirror, a window - you're not picky - when you see one, you stop, make silly faces at yourself or talk or sing... again, cute. It's a reminder to slow down and take pleasure in everyday moments. Sometimes I really doubt that you know it's you in the reflection because you are so excited! But when I ask, you say it's you. And what's not exciting about seeing Del?!?!


Daddy says you've started being anti-socks. It's true. An hour or so into your day the socks come off and they don't go back on. When you beg for the playground and I insist we don't leave until socks are on your feet (it's cold, my love!) we don't go to the playground. This is how strongly you feel about socks, or the lack of.


I need to remember that this independence that you have is something that would be admired in an adult and I should foster it more instead of discouraging it. When you say: "No I do by myself!" it takes longer but that's time well invested in the independent you that you are. When you say: "carry me! pick me up!" that's time invested in our respectful trusting relationship. Those investments are worth it - I need to remember that they are more important than getting one more stitch sewn (Christmas is so so close and there is this small rule I made for myself about making gifts...), more important than writing that email, or that folded laundry.


And now that I've had time to reflect on things - you are only cranky when the demands of life to leave room for a slowed down, two year old pace. So while you're busy learning so much every day you're also teaching me. Slow down. Something I need to learn over and over and over again. Just like you need reminders to use your words over and over and over again.
When you can be involved in making dinner, washing laundry, or collecting eggs we are all much much saner happier.


I love you "no-I-Sister!" for all that you have been so far, all that you are now, and all that you are becoming. Thank you for lessons we're learning, "I love you's" at unexpected times (usually when I'm feeling at the end of my rope - the nicest way to express it!), and front row seats to new discoveries about yourself and the world.

Love you always,

Mommy Cranky-Pants


librarian pirate said...

Oh my goodness Kaylee is the same way about socks. And shoes. The moment we're inside they both come off even if we just ran into the house to grab one thing and are going right back out. And asking her to put them on? I might as well ask her to do something tragic and awful from the commotion she gives me.

*just* said...

That's the worst - when you're like: "just wait one second!" and they can't stand to do that (ie leave socks and shoes on for ONE SECOND!).