Sunday, July 25, 2010

On Teaching Part II


and yet (see partI).... There are minimal to no teaching jobs in New England.
This is very very frustrating.
And the jobs that are available require multiple hoops to jump through in order to land the job.
That's good, we should require teachers to be able to jump through multiple hoops.
But to those seeking a teaching job it just says: there are too many applicants.
If there isn't a need for me then I feel discouraged, ambivalent, and frustrated.
I'm not a particularly competitive person and if the next person has similar qualifications - should I "take" that job from them? I feel like the school is missing out when the choose someone else but I'm sure the next person will be competent.
Because there seem to be an overabundance of willing and able teachers.
Yes, I have observed several that make me cringe... but it is what it is.
At one interview I was on I was told I was one of eight-hundred applicants. 800!! If there are 800 people who want (need?) this job... and then was told that the position I would get would be equivalent to the Teach for America candidates coming in. Now TfA definitely seems to train it's teachers well - but they get 7 weeks of training - I had 18months. And not just 18months - but 18months that ended in a master's degree with a dual certification. That's got to count for more than 7 weeks of training, right?
And part of my frustration is towards the institution that marketed to me (a teacher-wannabe) and claimed it was career school - meaning a career would follow. And yet, there are no shortages of teachers... definitely shortages of jobs.
I'm told over and over by those who are teachers (those that majored in education as an undergrad, older relatives, etc) that teachers are being laid off at an alarming rate and when teachers retire their position is eradicated.

And life moves on. It feels like a waste in ways because I have this awesome training - and I'm not teaching. But I have a job that's going well and when I work up the courage to scan School Spring again... I'm always discouraged, frustrated, angry - all over again.
So I'll sit tight.
Something will happen when it's supposed to.
Even if that doesn't include teaching.
I'll just enjoy the moment
And start organizing weekly teaching themes to subject Ark Boy to.
He's really excited. Don't worry.

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