Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear Del 27months

Dear Del Del,
I really wanted to write your letter two weeks ago, and then a week ago, and then two days ago... you're changing and growing and learning so much! You regularly mimic conversations between adults under your breath, line by line. That whole mimicry theme of your life continues. You follow your brother around doing everything he does. This includes hiding under a blanket of your own when you see that Momma is home from work so you BOTH can surprise me. You also went through a phase where you both said: "My Mommy!" or "My Daddy!". Now when this argument arises the second responder says: "It's both our Mommy/Daddy" and the first person says: "both kids!".
This also leads to funny talents that you have like spelling "N-O-A-H" and counting to 10.


I think one of the most common phrases in this house is: "I-do!...hepmepeas" (help me please). Miss independent and then realizing your limits. You want to climb in the car by yourself (no problem, just takes a while), dress yourself (usually with two legs in one leg hole), operate the microwave (can press the 'open' button but not the others) for your morning ration of oatmeal that you demand daily as your first word of the day: "oa-mea-", put shoes one yourself (quickly turns in to "hepmepeas"), go down the stairs (but usually you want to be carried), climbing a fence after Daddy, etc. etc.


Hmmm, or the most common phrase might be: "watch this!" (not articulated so clearly, I can assure you... which leads to frustration when you're asking someone else (not Momma or Daddy to watch)). This is followed by amazing things like you jumping (more like taking a big step) from one piece of furniture or the stairs to the floor or you lifting one leg, then the other, then laying on your belly to show you can lift both legs at once.

Oh, or it could be random: "Hi Momma!"'s that are said in a funny high pitched voice. And "Momma" is now pronounced "Momney" and "No-No" is "Nona" from time to time and "Dada" is "Daddy".

And we can't forget the ever present - "no-no..." which is said in response to us misunderstanding you. You say "gobbledygook" and we say: "Oh, you want your pillow" and you say: "no-no gobbledygook". Very cute and we're trying to understand. Most words you say are decipherable but not always.

Every day - no hour, at least- you're coming out with new things like saying: "one hug?" and holding up a number 1 with your fingers when I've told you hugs are done for the night. How to resist!??! I don't know, and I don't.


Don't be confused - you're still definitely using screaming as your primary means of communication. Frustrating when you have the words to use but opt to use the tried-and-true communication method of pre-verbal days. Well, you may think it's tried-and-true but it's really more like trial-and-error... therefore frustration for all involved! It also leads to Momma assuming Noah must be clobbering you when I'm in the other room when really you're super frustrated over a toy that is out of your reach.


So much more to say! as always!!
You're "measuring" the table with a "geen" and "ellow" (colors are a new thing this month!) measuring tape - I hear "7-8-9" and now you're crawling on my lap and I hear Noah crying downstairs... the crazy life continues and it's fun having you part of it!

Love you always,

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