Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ark Boy's Plan

We went to a very fabulous wedding tonight of awesome friends that we (more accurately: I) met (at work) when we first moved here.
On the way home:
Me: "Why isn't our daughter asleep?"
Ark Boy: "My daughter"
Me: hehe "You don't have a daughter"
Ark Boy: "Who's my daughter?"
Me: "When you're a daddy you might have a daughter... or a son."
Ark Boy:... "Yeah, yeah, yeah (he's been more stutter-y lately). First I will grow up, then I will be a man and then I will be a dad... yep, yep, yep... That's my plan!"
Cuteness abounds.
Now- for the pictures that I snagged of them during the wedding- they're up on facebook too.

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librarian pirate said...

you always get such amazingly adorable pictures of your babies! I can never get Kaylee to stop moving. I'm jealous! (: Then again, you are a photographer and I am not.

Give your kidlets snuggles for me!