Sunday, July 26, 2009

We haven't done this in a while

Yes, yes... blogging has been lacking.
There are reasons.
They're complex.
The quick answer is life is busy and I want to avoid blogging as: "first I did this, then I did that..."
Doesn't mean others should do the same- just what I choose to do.

We were looking through old pictures of Ark Boy for fun and it was really cool to compare him at 14 mos to what Farm Girl looked like at 14 mos. Why 14mos? Because comparing at 15 mos was tricky because we only took.... way for it... three pictures during Ark Boy's 15th month!
I know.
So here they are at 14 mos:

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Femefatal7 said...

I dig Del's one eyebrow-lift look! The kids look great. I hope you're doing well after the Friday in Boston! I always LOVE when ya'll time lets avoid cars and roads :)