Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear Del 16 months

Hi Del Del,
Wow! Life is crazy, huh? We're super super busy and you're having fun along for the ride... as long as Mommy is giving the ride. You are a super Momma's girl. It's almost comical. You want me to hold and snuggle you almost constantly- not as much as when you weren't walking, which is how you travel 100% of the time now, but you are still a HUGE fan of being in Mommy's arms. You are very sad when I leave you but in less than a minute you've recovered. You are then happy talking to a stuffed animal, trying to put on shoes, playing in the sandbox... until you see me again. At that point you are very very sad again and need Mommy. Oh, girlie! I know, I know, these years are short and I'll soon miss all the time I've had holding you but... in the day to day it seems impossible to imagine a day when you won't be saying "up... up....UP!" with reach-y up arms.

We've been talking about how you are so smart- we're blown away that you brush your teeth, try to buckle yourself into the carseat, try to offer the chickens food from your fingers, ride Noah's tricycle, etc. etc. but really- you're very good at mimicking. And then I realized- mimickry often equals smarts. And right around the time you upped the mimickry-Noah discovered mimickry. This means that when you yell loud, he yells loud. When he walks on the high wall in our backyard, you try to walk on the high wall. When you blow rasberries, he blows rasberries.

Your words and signs have skyrocketed but it's nothing in comparison to your comprehension. When we say we're going upstairs you sign "brush teeth" (even when it's not bedtime). When I tell you it's time for a diaper change you lay down on the floor- often with your head closer to me than the diaper-ready bum. When we say we're going outside you sign shoes and point to mine and if given the opportunity you retreive your shoes of choice- the choice being whichever you can get your hands on the quickest.
You have discovered the swings at the park this month and you could swing pretty much all day. I'm amazed at how much you comprehend. When I say: are you all done? you enthusiastically shake your head, no. When you drop something you get this really adorable look that includes an exxagerated "O" shaped mouth and say "oh oh!" instead of "uh oh!".

I think you're crazier about milk more than ever! You sign milk and if I'm telling you no you're happy to assist me in lifting my shirt. You often want to tickle my belly first and laugh before latching on. When you sign milk if I say: "oh! you want milk?" You nod your head along with your whole body and have your mouth wide open making panting noises. Your expressions, giggles, and antics are so entertaining. If I'm not looking at you and you'd like my attention, you'll move my face until my eyes are right in front of yours.... I think you learned that from your brother.

We often get comments on your cute-ness and everyone is warmed by your quick smile. You are happy to say "hi" and "bye" to strangers... about the time they walk away- very entertaining for Mommy. It's crazy to see the gender differences. I would like to deny them to high heaven but your social skills are beyond my expectations. You are quick to give hugs and kisses when asked - and recently you've been initiating the love! You and Noah have been interacting more and more and sometimes things are not so rosey. When someone gets hurt (often you, but that's changing) I say: "oh no! what can we do to make your sister/brother feel better?" and hugging ensues. In fact, sometimes I wonder if you two hurt each other just to get a follow-up hug! Whenever you get hurt you seem to try to overcome the discomfort and almost recover. You then glance my way to sort of check in and at that point often need some snuggling. Are you social? Ummm, just a little:)

I love seeing you grow and change everyday, sweet pea,

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Femefatal7 said...

I love these monthly blogs. I've said it before I know, but I love the updates. They are so well written.