Saturday, July 4, 2009

Farm Girl goes to sleep


Lay in bed with Mommy.
Ask for milk
it's all gone.
read book in high voice while holding Monkey
trade monkey for Bert.
Read book to Bert.
Trade Bert for Monkey.
Move book away.
Hold Monkey and Bert.
Give both hugs and kisses.
Notice Mommy's feet at end of bed.
Crawl down to them.
Use them to stand up.
Reach for Mommy's hands to be lifted into the air on feet.
Mommy doesn't see.
No response.
Crawl up legs.
Flop on Mommy's chest.
Flop off Mommy.
Notice Mommy's shirt.
Lift shirt to find belly.
Poke Mommy's belly button
Lay head on Mommy's belly.
Sit up.
Pull shirt down
then up.
Lay back down on belly.
Sit up.
Flop onto bed with head precariously close to edge of bed.
Remember Bert.
Get Bert.
Flop back onto bed close to edge.
Play and talk to Bert's hair.
Snuggle Bert.
Sit up.
Flop close to Mommy's side.
Hold Bert firmly.
Feel sleepy.
Close eyes.

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