Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear Del 15 months

Dear Big Girl,
How fast you grow! I think every month is the best month... you just keep getting more and more fun.
About a week ago you finally took off with this whole walking thing. You could take steps before but the preferred mode of transport was definitely crawling... until about a week ago. We're off and it is so very fun to put you done and watch you go.

You love love mimicking. This leads to some very funny situations. I've caught you a couple times blow your nose, wipe your face, and wipe your diaper all with... a sock, or whatever other washcloth/tp like item you can find.
We've had a very busy month which means most of the pictures from this month are you... in someone's arms. You are definitely still a momma's girl but if the person who wants to hold you gives you enough time to warm up to them you sometimes grace them with a holding-session.

You are quick to give kisses (and hugs) if I ask for one. An aunt in Vermont asked if you could blow kisses. I didn't think you could but when I asked you to you lunged for my lips and gave me a great big kiss.... then a hug for good measure. We'll work on teaching you how to blow kisses.

You loved being the pool with Grammy and Aunty Chels... just not too far in the water... unless your brother gave up his floaty boat. Incidentally as you've become more interested in playing with him and following him around he's become much better at sharing with you... if you yell loud enough (yes, you're still loud.

Well, life is busy so I'm off. I've got snuggling to do, books to read, games to play!
I love you love you,

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