Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear Del 14 mos

Wow Del!
This month has been crazy! I started a list of things that I wanted to make sure I noted in your letter.... it's here somewhere... I guess I'll just have to try to remember as much as possible.
The biggest news, I think, is that we've decided that you have taken your first steps.
And you did... about two weeks ago.
But no more. You're done with walking. Even with us encouraging every non-step... it's a no go. And really, we don't want to encourage you- it'll happen when it happens. You've mastered standing and have a big proud grin on every time you stand. Often you clap and/or dance while standing to show us just how proud of yourself you are.

The prefferred method of transport is definitely crawling...oooh- or even better, being carried and pointing to the desired destination.

If you don't know the sign for something you point and grunt at it. When we show you, you beging practicing right away. Often you go through a list of signs as soon as you wake up, as if you need to just remind everyone, including yourself, of the signs. This communication thing is very helpful for us and you. You've also started shaking your head "no" which is also super helpful. Sometimes I think you are just shaking your head for practice... like the time you kept shaking your head when I asked if you wanted up out of the crib post-nap. After about nine times of you saying "no" I pulled you out and it was all good. You often sign milk and then when you're about to latch on you point to my book and sign book. You see, the book is part of the nursing deal- you drink, I read- and we all know it. You also say things like up, oof (when you fall), chicken, bock (as in what a chicken says), tickle. Oh, speaking of tickling! Every time your shirt is off... or you manage to lift it up you rub your belly and tickle yourself while giggling. Who knew that tickling oneself could be... well, ticklish.

In other big news... I started to wonder if any more teeth were coming after we spotted your 8th tooth popping through- finally. So I ran my fingers along your gums... two others coming in at the same time! Poor you. No wonder sleep and not sleep (if we're being honest) were a little challenging.

Oh, and I probably should mention (only to keep with the precedent that has been set in mentioning this in every letter thus far) you continue to be l.o.u.d!! I still think it's a positive thing in theory but in the living part of it sometimes I just wish you could use your words. Your list of signs and verbal words probably don't cut it. Soon enough, and I'll be missing the "cute" (your non-parents description, not ours) sound of your yelling.
You are also a crazy milk monster lately! On, off, on, off, on, off. Maybe it's that teeth thing. I don't know.
Gotta go though because you're on my lap trying to pull my hands off the keyboard and begging for milk with your loud voice and frantic signing.
Love you always,


The Weigands said...

Del's so beautiful! I love the first pic especially. Big plans for the summer?

Femefatal7 said...

she's pretty amazing...and hilarious. I love that both kids were able to communicate so young.

*just* said...

Thank you both.
Plans for the summer... June is pretty big and unless I get a job in the fall we're going away for a week in Sept. In between we'll be hanging out with the AP playgroup as much as possible!