Friday, April 17, 2009


In the beginning (pre-marriage) I said no tv.
Not just no tv-watching
literally- no glowing box in our future house.
Ren Man loves video games.
Agree to TV if we leave it in a secret closet and theoretical kids do not know it exists.
Ren Man's college TV follows us into marriage.
Then pregnancy exhaustion+depressing job=no motivation to move+excessive tv watching on my part.
Then the miracle that is Ark Boy arrives
No more TV
There's no time.
Seven months pass.
Show Ark Boy signing video.
He loves it.
We'll do signing videos.
Over time Ark Boy has signing video addiction.
Decide to limit video watching.
Start introducing other movies (Shrek, Chicken Run, Garfield, Nemo).
Notice Ark Boy prefers non-signing videos.
Okay... we're okay with that.
Notice he shows us an action then says that the chicken did this or the orange cat did that.
Notice Ark Boy would prefer to watch videos rather than most any other thing.
Decide videos are taking over his sedate life.
Have decided to wean him off videos in our house (doesn't apply to someone else's home we happen to be in).
We'll see how this goes....


Shalonne said...

We've been letting Sam watch a bit of Noggin lately. Mostly just Dora and Diego. There is a show on though with a Chinese character and Sam was asking "how are you?" in Chinese. He said "gracias" yesterday. Not sure how I feel about the TV watching...Hate how easy it makes things for me though! So tempting!

*just* said...

It DOES make things easier- for sure! And there are really great things they DO learn from TV (for instance- I think it's great that Sam said "gracias"). I just feel like we've been watching too much (hours a day) and not as picky about what gets watched. Not a judgment on anyone else- just reassessing where we are with our relationship with TV. Some argue that the computer is a similar "problem"- for lack of a better word. I don't know.