Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It takes a village

I have a job.
No longer *just* a mom.
It's part time.
It ends in 10 weeks.
So far
so good....
no, not good
Sad that it won't continue next year.
Enjoying while it lasts.
Before being offered the position officially I had two "trial" days to see how things would go.
Coincidentally Ren Man had a conference that meant he was unable to be home with the kids.
as an aside: this lead to a very interesting situation.
Ren Man had to be at "work" so finding child care became my responsibility.
For both days he insisted that he needed the cell phone
but wasn't comfortable being the one people would call if there was an issue with the kids.
And Ren Man is the most non-traditional father I know.
Interesting to see how our lives might('ve) be(en) if/when he gets a full time job.

Ren Man was away for one of the days in NYC.
My mom, thankfully, came to be with the kids.
Farm Girl was a wreck most of the day.
Mommy guilt.
I also learned that I was expected to be at work all day the next day when I had anticipated only being needed for a half day.
Feel like crying.
The person I've asked to watch Farm Girl is doing so out of the goodness of her heart and for me to ask her to watch the girl all day....
going to cry.
My mom takes Ark Boy to her house for a long weekend.
Friend calls to double check everything is set for the next day.
Ask about her watching Farm Girl all day.
Not a problem, at all, she says.
Feel like crying again.
In a good way.
Farm Girl has barely napped.
Decide to put her down for the night at usual time despite Ren Man needing to be picked up from train station at 9:50.
At 7pm decide to ask friend down the street to come at sit for an hour so I don't have to bring Farm Girl with me.
Absolutely she says.
Feeling so wonderful about wonderful "village" we have.
Farm Girl opts to wake up 3 times in the ten minutes before I have to leave.
Decide to bring her with me.
Friend is very understanding.

Next morning wake up insanely early to get to other friends house who lives about 20mins on the other side of work from our house.
Do fairly quick drop and run.
But not as much as I expected.
Ask friend to nurse Farm Girl, if she'd like, as it might be easier.
At end of day am running late.
Very late.
Get to friend's house expecting red faced screaming Farm Girl.
She waves from other side of room.
I scoop her up.
Nurse her like crazy.
She crawls away to play more.
Very very impressed.
And she nursed 3 times while I was gone.
Am told that she was not cranky.
Love friends.
Love village.
Love job.

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