Friday, March 27, 2009

One Year (!!) Del

Dear Big Girl,
Crazy, crazy. The year has been long and short all at the same time and I'm shocked that we're already at a year. You still seem so baby to me! Having said that I'm shocked by all you do! I know, I know- I shouldn't compare- and I try very hard not to- but your social skills in comparison to another child we have... wow.

You're waving "hi" and "bye" which shocks me every time. Often someone is coming or leaving and I make the appropriate greeting and glance down at the ubiquitous baby on my hip because she's doing something crazy with her hand and then I realize- you're waving! Shocks me every time. You're also pointing, screaming in protest when something happens that you disaprove of (Noah pushing on your back while you're crawling, being told "no more milk" when you want more, Mommy walking out of the room), and pretending to talk on the phone. You hug your stuffed animals, give us kisses and hugs, and laugh along with Mommy and Daddy when we laugh at something.

You like walking while holding our hands (and if we're comparing- you're not so adamant about walking this way every chance you get- you'd much rather be carried). If you manage to grasp one of Mommy's hands to begin your walk around the room you look behind you on the other hand and reach (and scream if necessary) until the other Mommy's other hand is firmly in your grasp.

You love hanging out with your brother and the two of you are starting to really engage with each other. You pass him things and he knows to wait until you offer. Sometimes it's a pretend pass off and you hold the item tightly out towards him and scream when he tries to take it.
Sorry that screaming is coming up so much in this letter! It's just our primary means of communication. It's funny to watch the wheels turn in your little head. About half of the time you scream for a moment or two and then remember that you know the sign for whatever you want and sign it instead. The other half of the time you sign it, are ignored, and scream anyway. You are definitely vocal- but you have been all year. We hoped that it means that you are able to know what you need and articulate those needs throughout life. So far so good.

You are still definitely a Momma's girl. I'm trying hard to cherish this time because I'm sure you won't always want to be carried around 90% of the day by me. If I'm not around you're happy to hang out on the floor and play but as soon as you see me... you guessed it... screaming. So I scoop you up and attempt to do everything one handed and try very hard to not get frustrated with my lack of one-handed skills.
I know this will pass and while some aspects of having you as a one-year-old (eek! you're one!) I also don't want to give up your flushed cheeks in the morning when you give me a big grin to wake me up. I am really going to miss you patting my back as I pat yours. And I will definitely miss your itty bitty baby giggle that is so forthcoming during a game of peek-a-boo or a tickle session.
Thank you so much for this past year and for everything you've taught me about myself and this whole mommy gig. I've loved getting to know you and I'm so excited about continuing to grow with you.
I love you baby,

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