Friday, March 27, 2009

get this off my chest first

Yes, yes- today is Del's birthday!
I know, I haven't blogged in eons and an explanation is needed.
Must give explanation before writing Del's letter or it will all come out in the letter... and I don't want that to happen.
I've been in such a grouchy mood for.... ever it feels like.
Too nervous to blog in such a foul state
nervous the foul-ness will be passed on and I don't want to do that.
avoiding blog.
No particular reason for awful mood- I think just mom-ness getting me down.
It happens.
It's getting better.
More blog entries to come
I'm sure.
In the meantime- here are diapers I miraculously found time to make and there has been a request for pictures.
Here are the fitteds:

And here are the covers (the yellow one is butt forward so the applique is in view).

There have been some design changes and I'm still working out kinks but they are hands down my favorite now. So far the covers are leak-proof and I have such a sense of satisfaction at having made them. I would have sooner (like when Noah was months old) but at the time thought PUL was the only cover option and PUL scares me (in an: "I'm scared to sew with it" way, not an: "it's not environmentally okay" way).

Hoping to write Del's letter tonight...

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katwomyn4 said...

where did you get the pattern for the diapers and pull-overs? that's a great idea, and i've got about 8 months to do it :) find me on