Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Crazy

So very stressed.
Every year we have not so nice words with each other because Ren Man seems to think it's perfectly acceptable to wait until Dec. to start discussing Christmas gifts.
I want to have everything done by Dec.
Thus we have words.
So this year I thought we could do it his way.
Now I'm incredibly stressed.
On top of it all I have NOTHING- not even an idea- of what to get for Ren Man.
And then frustrated that we feel compelled to consume anything at all!
On top of all this we've been a non-religious family for a year and a half.
My feelings about Christmas are:
It's a religious holiday that has been commercialized.
Take out the religion and you get the commercialization.
I'm not okay with that.
Thinking we should celebrate the Winter Solstice instead.
We could have a special meal that day, give small homemade gifts, maybe do something specific as a family (go look at lights?).
Still pondering all this
while also running around like a crazy person
And through it all
Ren Man is not stressed.
In fact, he spends a great deal of energy critique-ing my gift ideas.
His main complaint:
the gift isn't needed.
Anyway- should stop blogging and get to more Christmas-ing.

I'm quite certain that my sil, Chelsea, doesn't read the blog so here's something I've made for Christmas.
I was feeling really frustrated (lots of swearing- yes, real swearing- I know- shocking for those of you that know me well) about another bag I was working on for someone who shall remain unnamed so this project restored my faith in sewing.

And the inside has two pockets.

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