Monday, October 20, 2008


disclaimer: this entry should have been written a couple days ago.... so pretend it is a couple days ago

I'm ovulating.
I'm so thrilled that I'm ovulating.
Not because of baby making potential but because I know that I'm ovulating.
So rewarding to know your body so well.
Thankful to know I'm ovulating because that helps explain
my intense desire to be pregnant(?!?!)
I've never wanted to be pregnant- ever.
Now I want to.
I also really want to hold a snuggly newborn.
Rationalize that this is ovulation talking.
Not the *real* me.
I don't really want to be pregnant.
I don't really want a new baby.
I'm just ovulating.
And that makes some people crazy.
Like me.
Ohh- but how cool to have a baby so close in age to Farm Girl.
Inform Ren Man that he must not come close to me.

Back to the now:
Done ovulating.
Can't believe pregnancy/new baby lust even entered my mind.
Must not make decisions while ovulating.
Too dangerous.
No baby for me

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