Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear Del 6 mos

Dear Del Baby Girl,
So yes, I'm five days late getting your "happy six months!" letter written. I think what was holding me back is the couple (700+) pictures of you from this month and I can't decide which ones to include.

I've been convinced all month that new teeth will emerge in moments. But no, just two teeth. I'm okay with that. It just would be nice sometimes in the night to have something to blame for your wakings- although usually I know it's just that your too cold or hot or hungry. I just keep thinking I see something on the top. Nina thinks it will be the two on either side of the two you already have. Time will tell.
Speaking of changing and growing... I've also been thinking that crawling is right around the corner- as crazy as that sounds. You keep trying to get up on hands and knees!

Don't you know you're too young for that? Well, I didn't either. So I went and looked it up. And yeah, babies start crawling AFTER they've mastered sitting. Good to know. We're still working on sitting. We've had a couple of bonked noses which is very sad. But you'll get it soon and it will be hard to remember a time when you couldn't sit.

You have become even more giggly and smiley this month. Once Daddy tried to tickle you by kissing your neck and you burst into tears! I think it might have hurt too much. Here he is kissing your belly like crazy.

It's been so fun to see your relationship with him grow. When he leaves the room you get upset and you give him such big grins when he returns from being out without us.
The biggest news (actually I can't decide if it's the biggest news- so much happens in a month!) is that we tried solids! I wanted and wanted to wait but Daddy says he wants something to offer you while I'm away at school teaching. It actually hasn't been that often- not even once a week. But nevertheless we tried solids.

So we're not pushing them but if we're eating and you're fussy fussy we give you a carrot to chew on. You naw pieces off and then look disgusted and push them out of your mouth. Daddy has also let you suck on a lemon- let it be known that I wasn't in the room when he did this! You've also chewed on beans and tried some grape innards. It's crazy to think that all of you has been sustained by me!
You have become much more interested in your older brother. He doesn't notice most days but sometimes he realizes that he is the reason you're laughing hysterically and he up's the ante on his antics. You also love love to reach for and grab his hair. It hurts a lot when you do that! But he's patient and waits for someone to notice and pry your fingers apart. I can only imagine what you two will get up to as soon as you start sitting more steadily.
Daddy and I are amazed at your "talking" almost daily. I heard a /g/ sound and you say /ma/ /ma/ when you're sad. I know we're getting enough sleep when Daddy and I hear you talking in the middle of the night and we just giggle with each other over the adorable noises you're making.
We also continue to be amazed at how interested in toys you are. Noah is still pretty disinterested in toys but you love them. All of them. If they light up and make noise all the better (please! grandparents do not see this as an invitation for these toys!).
And just because everyone needs a good laugh- here's a diaper headed you- Nina said that she doesn't think Daddy has quite figured out this diapering thing. If truth be known he changes more diapers than me. He also likes to have fun. He said he thought it would make a good helmet for our bike rides. Silly Daddy.

I love everything that makes you you. It's been so interesting thinking back to the beginning of the summer and compare it to now. Crazy crazy my girl. Some days I want to just bundle you up and freeze you in time because you're too cute for words and I don't ever want it to end. Some days I want you to hurry up and grow up so you can tell me all the things that are going on inside your head. Most days though we're running around like crazy because there are just too few hours in the day and we don't have much time to ponder all this.
I love you girlie and I'm so glad you're along on this crazy ride with us,

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Shalonne said...

Sam started crawling and sitting on the same day - wouldn't sit up on his own until he could craw...