Friday, September 26, 2008

Going to the park

My love for bike strollers/trailers began back in college when I pulled the kids I babysat for in one all over campus.
When Ark Boy was getting big enough to go in one we did some research and found that it's safer for kids to be up on your bike with you.
So we bought the ibert. Ark Boy and Ren Man both love it but I haven't used it yet. I'm too nervous and never felt like I had anywhere I needed to bike to.
During my last 3 mile round trip trek to the library with Farm Girl on my back and Ark Boy in the stroller I realized that Farm Girl is old enough for a bike stroller.
So I hit craigslist yesterday.
We found one.
New in the box!
With only one brief setback (the bike has gone unused since college and one of the bolts seemed rusted on) I was able to put everything together while Ren Man was at school.
We decided to ride to the park.

Farm Girl has recently been exposed to the wonderful world of swings.
She giggles... oh wait- I'm getting ahead of myself- tomorrow she'll be 6 months and I can write all about it in her letter!

When we arrived at the park each kid went in a swing.
I decided to turn this outing into a photo session for Ark Boy.
It's so challenging to get pictures of him.
When he sees the camera he turns away and refuses to look at me.
Managed to snag a couple with Farm Girl on my back no less!

And here we are (or they are) right before I pulled them into the driveway.
Don't worry I could bike the whole way home.
I just had to get off to open the gate.
Farm Boy is SOOO ready to get out.

And when I crawled out of the bed for the third time last night to take care of Farm Girl I couldn't figure out why my bum was sore...
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