Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dear Noah 28 mos

Dear Noah,
This month you spent the night by yourself for the first time at "Pooba's House". Apparently you had a lot of fun. I was a little nervous and missed you like crazy but you did beautifully. You still love love Pooba and Ugug's motorcycles. You also started insisting that Tante A has a motorcycle too.

We also went blueberry picking this month. We went to a wonderful pick your own place and they gave you a little bucket to put your berries in. Whenever Nina or I tried to contribute to your bucket you would quickly take the berries out and clutch them in your hand refusing to put them back. If you managed to have a spare hand you would grab a handful of Mommy or Nina's berries and put them in your bucket.

You have continued to sign throughout this month and you often remind us of a sign. For instance in this picture you were telling me that this means "brown". You also have accidentally signed things and when you realize that you are signing a word you know you get all excited. A couple nights ago Daddy gave you a washcloth to wipe your chest and as you were wiping away you suddenly looked up and said: "Noah sign sorry" because that was the motion your hand was making. We really home that this signing stuff continues. What a valuable tool it has been for us and will surely be in your future.

We have gone to a weekly ap playgroup at a nearby park. We spend almost the whole day there and you recently discovered that there is a fairly steep hill that you can pull a ride on toy up to the top of and then fly down the hill. This is a picture from your first day of discovering this dusty hill.
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You also enjoyed a couple canoe trips with Pooba this month. He gave you one of his hats to wear and you loved it. In the canoe you insist on looking for beavers (have yet to be seen) and you often spot turtles.

You also had your first bubble bath ever. You rolled around like crazy in the bath and giggled like it was the best treat ever. It was very effective- you were nice and clean and yummy smelling in the end.
You randomly ask to give Del a "squeeze hug" and then you give her a kiss. It's very sweet but we haven't managed to capture it in photos yet.
You still love being outside and you love love riding your tricycle.
Whenever Mommy or Daddy go to work you put on your flip flops and insist that you go to work too. I keep thinking I should tape record you begging to go to work- I'm sure it would come in useful some day.
You started singing regularly this month. Usually just ABC's before bed- we sing it together. It's very cute. Then you give me a squeeze hug and a kiss and it's lights out.
I love living this life with you, baby boy.

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