Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This and That OR Mommy Wars

From conception being a parent is about making decisions
the right decisions
but everything is in shades of gray
No sunblock= skin cancer
sunblock= no vitamin D
vaccine= no scary illness (or so the theory goes)
no vaccine= no side effects
haircut on Ark Boy= get hair out of eyes
no haircut= ignores gender rules
cloth diapers= no scary chemicals, minimal trash, no human waste in trash dump
disposable diapers= easier
circumsizing= cultural norm
intact= no unnecessary surgery, no risk of post surgery complications
babywearing= calmer baby, no need to buy stroller
non babywearing= could be less expensive depending on extent of babywearing obsession
homebirth= just as safe- if not safer- than a hospital birth for low risk pregnancy
hospital= have option to stay 48hrs and be taken care of
breastfeeding= convenient, best for baby and momma
formula= .... yeah can't think of anything

The point is parenting is about choices
and you make the best ones you know how
Naturally I'm making the best decisions for my kids- so you should follow my example
and the mommy wars begin
It's so hard to not feel incredibly passionate about your decisions as you've invested all this time researching in order to make the *best* decision
It's hard when someone doesn't make the same choices
but then
I step back
and remember
just like me
they're doing what they think is best
and they probably don't agree with all the parenting decisions we've made
and that's okay

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