Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dear Ark Boy 27 Months

Dear Little Man,
Our Vermont Relatives came twice this month! You were very excited about their visit. You have taken a special liking to Uncle Shawn. The theory is that Uncle Shawn is indifferent about you and that makes him appealing- as opposed to the relatives you beg for "squeeze hugs" and kisses.
This month most of your sentences have turned into questions. You keep reminding us: "Noah funny?" after you've made a "joke". The other day your shorts were around your ankles and as you shuffled along the hallway into your bedroom you said: "Like penguin?" And I've been worried that you don't have an imagination. Silly Mommy.
While our Vermont Relatives were at our house we all went to the beach. You were quite concerned about the water at first- and rightly so- the undertow was super strong and the waves were HUGE. Finally Daddy forced you into the water- sorry about that- and after 2.3 seconds in the water you decided the water was the place to be. You and Daddy sat in the surf for a large portion of the day. Every so often you and Daddy would venture into deeper water to deposit the sand that had collected in your shorts.
One night while we were munching on watermelon pieces you ate so much watermelon and there was watermelon juice everywhere. After taking a big bite out of a chunk of watermelon you carefully examined the damage to the piece then declared: "watermelon chair!" and you were quite proud of your chair. In fact, you opted to leave the watermelon chair on the table and make 3 more to add to the collection.
You have mastered peddling your tricycle this month- forward and backward! It's very exciting for you. You often say: "Bye! See you later! Going to Grampy's house." and peddle away waving. It's all said in a high pitched voice.
This month you "read" your very first book. You love Knuffle Bunny. I think you started "reading" the book because Trixie talks in baby talk and you thought it was so funny to hear Mommy and Daddy sound so ridiculous that you started imitating us. Before long you were "reading" the majority of the book. It's super super cute.

While up in Vermont you attended your second family reunion. It was much more fun having you there then the pre-Noah reunions. You loved the playground and maybe even enjoyed seeing your distant cousins- it was hard to tell. It was such a busy day and you were getting sleepy. So we put you on Daddy's front in a mei tai and took a walk. You were asleep within ten minutes. You then napped in Grammy's car for over an hour and a half despite the loud thunderstorm- hail and all!
One night at Grammy's we were just sitting down for dinner when you let out a loud burp. There was a brief pause before you said: "please!" Too funny.
This was the first trip to Vermont where you actually went INTO the barn. Generally you beg to see the cows and then cling to us saying:"No! No!" when we get close to the barn. This time you walked around and even picked up a kitten. When we brought you to the calf room you were happy to see the cows- and more cats. However, when Uncle Philip walked into the barn you insisted Daddy pick you up, started crying and saying "No!"- we're not sure why. Poor Uncle Philip. Then when he was out of sight you would ask: "where Uncle Philip go?"
You also started adding -es to every plural word. So while driving home from Vermont we looked for cowses and geeses. You love animals.
I feel so thankful to have the front row seat to your growing up. It's very fun and you are such a delight.
Love you bunches,
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