Monday, August 4, 2008

Dear Ark Boy 27 months

Dear Little Man,
You are too funny for words- and you often remind us by saying: "Noah funny?" with a big grin on your face. Actually most of your sentences end in a question mark. The other day your shorts were around your ankles and as you walked around you said: "Penguin? Like Penguin?" Yeah, you're a funny kid.
A couple days after the penguin stunt you were munching on watermelon- one of your favorite fruits. After taking a bite that involved half of the chunk you said: "Watermelon chair?" and sure enough- the watermelon looked like a chair!

This month we saw our Vermont family twice! They came to visit once and we went to Vermont once. You love your Uncle Shawn. Everyone is quite jealous. I think he's won your heart because he seems to have no opinion on whether you spend time with him or not. So you often snuggle with Uncle Shawn and are concerned about his whereabouts. So when we took a walk while Uncle Shawn was visiting we insisted you hold someone's hand while we crossed the street. You chose Uncle Shawn's.

Around the time of their visit you started screaming.... loud. Not out of anger- just to see what it was like. Being the cool mom that I am I tried to respond minimally. I simply said: "wow, that's a big loud noise." Well, that was encouraging enough, evidently. Now you scream for fun and then say: "Big loud noise?" So we started trying to tell you that the big loud noise is for outside- not for in the house, or the car, or the store...

You started peddling your tricycle this month! It has been quite exciting for you. You often ride past me and say: "Bye! See you later! Going to Grampy's house" in a high pitched voice while waving. It's very funny. Sometimes you say you are going to the store or the park but usually you are going to Grampy's house.
You also started "reading" a book for the very first time. It's Knuffle Bunny. I think you thought when mommy and daddy talked "baby talk" it was too funny so you started doing it too. Now you have most of the book memorized!

When our Vermont Family was here we went to the beach. At first you were super super nervous about the big waves- and rightly so. The undertow was a killer and the waves were really big. Daddy convinced you to sit in the surf finally (by kindof forcing you in the water- sorry about that). And thank goodness he did. You loved it! Your lips were blue and your teeth were chattery but you didn't want to get out. You spent hours in the water. Daddy also burried you in the sand which you thought was fun- but not as good as the water. After having waves crash into your face a couple times you started getting nervous when Aunty Chels would go under a wave.

While in Vermont you went into the barn with no complaint for the first time! Usually the cows make you nervous and you start saying "No! No! No!" as we approach the barn- despite the fact that you've begged us to see the cows. This time you were happy to go into the barn. You even picked up a little black cat. When Uncle Philip came in the barn though you burst into tears and insisted Daddy pick you up. We're not sure why. You then were brave enough to even go into the calf room- usually a daunting idea. You started adding -es to the end of plural words. So we saw cowses and you wanted to see geeses and goatses too. While eating dinner one night you burped really loud. After the briefest of pauses you said:"please?" We couldn't help but laugh.
We went to your second family reunion and it was sooo much fun because you were there. You loved playing with your distant cousins. Half way through your exhausting day we took a walk with you in a mei tai on Daddy's front and you quickly fell asleep. You then slept almost 2 hours in Grammy's van with a crazy thunderstorm raging all around- with some hail thrown in for good measure. Guess all that outdoor playing and interacting can wear a two year old out. I can't wait to see how much you've changed in two years at our next reunion. To think- at our last reunion you were only 3 months old!
Anyway, it's time for me to go put you to bed.
Tired but so in love,

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