Monday, July 28, 2008

Del's 4 month letter

Dear Deli- Deli -Ding- Dong,
You are so fun and have become SOOO much easier this month. I guess there really is a "fourth trimester" and I think we're both thankful to be out of it. I generally hold you to my hip or stomach facing out. Often as I'm trying to have a serious conversation with a neighbor or friend while holding you they-mid sentence- burst into a big grin and talk all silly. It took me a couple times to figure out that you are smiling hugely- sometimes even belly laughing- at people and they can't help but respond!

Grammy, Aunty Chels, and Uncle Shawn came to visit this month for a week or so. You were much more interactive with them than you were last time we saw them. Your grins and giggles are so cute. You've also started talking- a lot- VERY loud. I guess that makes sense because your crying has also always been loud. Sometimes people think you are protesting with that loud voice but really you're just telling the world stories. You love talking and interacting with your big brother if he'll stop long enough to talk and play with you.
We got you on mommy's back successfully this month... with a happy face.... for about five minutes. I guess we'll stick to front carries for now. You aren't always a big fan of babywearing though. Yesterday we went for a walk that ended up being very short because you were tired and wanted to be home- at least that's my guess- because as soon as we got you home and in the swing you were asleep in less than 30 seconds. The day before, however, we went shopping with Nina and you fell asleep in a mei tai. People commented in the store about how little you are but I just see you growing and changing every day that you don't seem so little to me anymore.

While Grammy, Aunty Chels, and Uncle Shawn were here we went to the beach. It was your first beach trip ever. You were not too excited about going in the water. I think the water was too cold and the sun a little too bright. You spent most of the day relatively happy in a rinsling on mommy. When you were getting too cranky for words mommy wrapped you up and walked in the surf with Grammy while you took a nap.

You found your thumb this month which has been interesting because you often fall asleep with a thumb in your mouth instead of breastfeeding to sleep. We've also gotten much better about EC'ing this month. You don't tend to give signals about pooping so interestingly we're catching more pees than poops. I hope I'm able to get more in tune- right now I think our biggest challenge is that you have an older brother.

Speaking of that... I often feel so bad that you don't get the same parenting your brother had. You cry a lot more than he did and I wonder if that's just you or if that is because you are the second baby? I don't know. I try not to let the mommy guilt plague me too too much. I think that perhaps you are *normal* meaning you cry, eat, sleep etc. at regular intervals. Your brother, on the other hand, rarely cried but we never knew whether we were coming or going with him:) I also remind myself that you are so lucky to have a sibling- and an older brother at that. I always wanted an older brother....
Anyway, you're letting your opinion be known on my lap, so must be off.
Love you always,
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