Sunday, January 31, 2016

Project 365 ... with missed days, but you knew that would happen ;)


I'm working on a normalize breastfeeding photo project in my local community - with clearly local pictures. I thought it would be fun to get a group of nursing women together to do an outdoor shoot. I hope to get one here again in the spring ... and summer ... and fall. I was so excited all these women came out and had fun chatting about pregnancy, birth and baby life.


I finally got the call that the birth I was scheduled to photograph was happening. This was a hospital birth, so I left Rye with milk and Ren Man and a host of supportive community members.


Early early in the morning, there was a happy new mom and dad and a squishy new baby that I left in their post-birth bliss, to go snuggle with my own baby.

..... Go on mini-road trip to visit friend and forget camera .....



Yep, Christmas tree still up ;)


Okay, seriously! Those eyes!! Those curls!!





This girl can run the show, but Poobah still likes to coach her and tweak her technique. I'm so glad they have each other.

Noah and Del both have been adamant that they don't want their pictures taken. This is making my project much more challenging!


This girl though ... I've got a few years before she forms an opinion on picture-taking, right? Right?!?!

Noah keeps trying to sell his sister so he doesn't have to hold her .... but then he sneaks into our bed early in the morning and tries to wake her up so he can play with her.


After going to pick up a calf (where I thought I was going to get my daily picture), it was getting dark fast. We noticed a few deer across the road and I leapt out of the truck to grab my daily shot ... only to learn that I don't know that much about deer. They took off so fast! So this is the "not deer" shot of the day.


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