Monday, April 7, 2014

I did my research :: Vaccines

I know I've talked about vaccines before, so I don't need to rehash that (but it's here, if you're interested).

So there's a debate going back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth) about vaccines. In the interest of a broad perspective, reading both sides is vital.

Here's my frustration: I hear the pro-vax side saying over and over - just do your research.
This makes my insides get all hot and angry with frustration at the underlying message that clearly non-vaxing families have not researched.
Who chooses not to vax?
The person who has done no research and is at the pediatricians office and the pediatrician is saying: "today your child is due for X, Y, Z vaccine" or the person who has researched extensively and has an informed conversation with the pediatrician?
Think about it.
Our children have now been seen at 3 different doctors offices. Not one (even our favorite MD) has ever been comfortable with no conversation about our choice. No doctor has ever said: "today your child is due for X, Y, Z vaccine .... Oh, you want to pass on vaccines right now? Okay."
Never ever ever.
And I wouldn't want that. I want to trust my doctor enough to value their insight into the choice around vaccines. I also want them to respect the fact that it is my choice, what medical care (or not) I or my children receive.

So if I see one more pro-vaccine article that says something along the lines of: "if these stupid anti-vax people would do their research..." I might just lose it.
If these pro-vaccine people had done their research they would know that you can find studies supporting whatever hypothesis you want. If you want to believe that vaccines are safe, you'll find studies to back that up. If you want to believe vaccines are harmful, you'll find studies to back that up.

As with any "Mommy War", you have every right to do your own research, heart-searching, etc and make your own decision for your own family. And I will respect you by assuming you've looked at all of your options and made an informed decision - even if it's the opposite of what we've decided for our family. I expect the same respect in return.

Disclaimer: yes, our children have been vaccinated on a limited and lengthened schedule.

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