Friday, March 21, 2014

A little me-and-you road trip planned

We heard about this creamery that is very nearly licensed and is about 2.5 hours away from us. So we called and asked if we could come and see their setup and ask about their process so far.
But then there's a frantic child-care search.
We know from experience that it's near impossible for me to focus on something OTHER than kids, if kids are with us. When we have our kids with us, they are my first priority.
And I really want to see, hear, investigate, etc.
Can we go with fewer kids? One at preschool? Two home who are pretty self-sufficient and wouldn't need more than my dad, who could still be working from home? And bring the younger two (the two that hate the car, it was noted) with us? But actually there isn't enough time between the time we drop off and pick up for Child F. to make it from there to the farm and back - never mind with some looking around time!
So after some processing, Ren Man's mom pointed out that she's coming to spend the night tonight anyway, so she could come earlier to give us more time in the light after our trek over to this farm. Then we could go out for dinner or whatever because Ren Man's mom will be here spending the night!

Bonus #1: it's Ren Man's birthday
Bonus #2: a long-time blog reader happens to live fairly close to this farm and has invited us over for dinner - a blog reader I've never met and I'm so so excited to finally connect with irl!

So that's where we are today. Just me-and-him. Off on a research adventure that is sure to end with warm and welcoming friends!

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