Friday, February 28, 2014

Camper Love

If you follow me on pinterest you may have noticed a new obsession and it's called Campers. You know when you spend all day rocking in a canoe/kayak/speed boat and then that night you feel yourself rocking still, even though you're lying in your on-dry-ground bed? That's what this is. I got to bed and see yellow and blue and pink vintage campers.

I have been a life-long proponent of camping requiring tents and sleeping on the ground or it's not authentic.
And then I started camping as a grownup. With kids. In crazy configurations on the tent-floor to fit everyone in. With our bags in the car because there was no room in the tent. With sore hips in the morning.

A very influential friend bought a Shasta Camper reasoning that she wanted to be able to store all of her camping gear IN the camper eliminating much of the pre-camping-packing chaos and provide a comfier place for everyone to sleep.

I'm sold.
And then when you discover all the pinterest awesomeness for camper makeovers (which my very influential friend did beautifully) ... swoon!
So I've been checking craigslist off and on. Ren Man likes to point out that we don't have a truck (or any hitch on any vehicle at all). I point out that details are details and we'll figure it out.

I recently went to look at this camper:

It isn't in the trendy "vintage" ... yet, but that's okay. The price was right-ish. It was larger than I expected (and I'm pretty nervous about towing) but that means more sleeping space. But there was caulking on the outside, a painted ceiling inside, and a replaced panel inside - all making my awesome-influential-friend-who-came-with-me suspect water damage. Ren Man is really reluctant about this whole project so I want to be really careful about getting something bigger than I can manage mostly by myself. And from what I've read about water damage - it's a BIG deal. So I passed on this camper, sad as it was. But I keep looking. I'm tempted to stop by a few places nearby who have old campers sitting in their yards. Very tempted. Ren Man has also mentioned recently that a pop up might be a better idea because we'll have more options for towing - not that any of our current vehicles can tow.
But I assume we'll need a new vehicle in the next year, and towing power will be one of the deciding factors.

So if you see a camper around - popup or otherwise, the smaller the better - that needs some love, I'm here! Ready!


Erinn said...

I know it might be bigger than you are thinking but with while to tow it might be right for you - drive rv. We bought out 1985 Winnebago last year for not too much. Insurance is inexpensive and you have to register/ inspect any camper... It was perfect cuz we don't have a truck and didn't want to invest big bucks for the towing vehicle... I was shocked how inexpensive.

lovermont said...

I'm really nervous about the mechanics - like engine work- that might be needed. But that's a good point about it making the truck unnecessary. Hmmm. Something to think about.