Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kid Speak

Noah: Mom! I started my 'O' at the top!
Del: Good job, Noah! Give me a high five!
Noah: did that hurt?
Del: No, not really.

I'm great at my lower case 'a's

Mommy: It's going to be a long trip
Child C: We'll need to bring LOTS of water bottles!!

Mommy: a baby kangaroo is called a 'joey'
Child C: how do you know his name?!?!

Racoon = traffic cone/barrel
-Child C

Do you know what they say in China? "Ants in your pants."
-Del explaining when you feel wiggly

Mommy: Do you want to talk about what it was like when you lived with Regular Mommy?
Child B: YES!
Mommy: Hmmm .... what did you have for breakfast?
Child B: No one got me breakfast.
Mommy: Oh. Did you eat anything in the morning?
Child B: Yes, I got myself cereal from the cupboard.
Mommy: And did you get milk from the fridge?
Child B: No, we didn't have milk. Daddy didn't have a cow at my Regular Mom's house.

(sadly I have since learned that this is probably true - they didn't use milk on their cereal)

Del: How can she be singing without her head?!?!
Mommy: What do you mean?
Del: She's singing: "my body lies over the ocean, my body lies over the sea"
Mommy: Bonnie. My Bonnie lies over the ocean ... it's like my darling, or my sweetheart.
Del: Oh, haha, I thought she was saying "body" and I didn't think she could sing!! HAHAHA

Del: They said my name funny (speaking of family with a deep south accent)
Mommy: Did they call you "Dale"?
Del: Yes!
Mommy: Did they say: "hiiiii Daaaaallllle"?
Del: Yes!
Mommy: Yeah, that's just how they talk.
Del: It kind of sounds like a "na na na na na" voice
Mommy: Yeah, it does sound like that! They don't mean to make it sound like that, it's just how they talk.

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