Friday, March 29, 2013

Such a spontaneous kind of day!

This morning I met with an aquaintance-quickly-becoming-friend, Laura. She is the editor of Adirondack Weddings, a local magazine. That's what initially connected us - turns out, she's really cool too. She mentioned that she couldn't hang out long because she was going to do an e-shoot for a friend at a fort. Laura has done shoots in the past that look like such awesome opportunities - and shooting at a fort?!? How cool is that? She wanted a card to pass on to the couple who were only recently engaged (as in two weeks ago?) and are planning a wedding for October. I said I'd be happy to come do the e-shoot if that was helpful. I think that surprised Laura - in a good way. She called her people to double check, I called Ren Man to double check and ask him to bring my gear into Plattsburgh ... and then pick up our daughter at preschool.
All our ducks were lined up in a row and we met at the fort.


The fort was magical. So incredible. And such a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The groom has always wanted to see the fort and so it was fun to get pictures but also to explore the fort. Awe-inspiring.
The couple was also incredible and I'm really excited about possibly shooting their wedding in the fall.


While hanging out with this very cool couple and feeling overwhelmed by the beauty and image possibilities, Ren Man called the cell phone. Reception is spotty there, at best. I couldn't hear him. I explained that I couldn't hear him and I'd call back later. I was really surprised he'd call. He feels very very strongly about work being work. He wouldn't just call to chat - or see when I was coming home - or anything like that.

The phone kept ringing, but I silenced it, not wanting to interrupt the flow with the couple and knowing I couldn't really hear him.
I finally answered.
DSS needs respite for two kids for a week.
They needed me to confirm.
Yes, yes!

Then I realized that Ren Man has signed up for extra days at work next week.


That's okay.
Yes, yes.

Then I realized that at the end of next week we are doing a respite for two other children.
Six kids for two days.


That's okay.
Yes, yes.

So I'm thinking everything else will be put on the back burner while intensely parenting ... starting today.

It's been adrenaline rush after adrenaline rush around here!

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