Monday, May 28, 2012

Dear Del 4 years 2mos

Dear Del,
I've noticed lately that you're driving me crazy. Really crazy. The screaming. The repetitive screaming. The constant struggle to reason with you when you're out of control yelling ... It makes me crazy, like I said. Really crazy.


I started paying closer attention to you, your responses to different situations, my responses, etc. I don't know what the solution is, only that I'm really really frustrated. I also realized that your flip side of crazy-making is so so so gentle and sensitive in a way that surprises me. You're quick to see if your brother is okay, remind him gently of rules, give him a hug, bring him a book, get his silverware for dinner, etc, etc. So thoughtful, so sweet, so intense.


Maybe intensely sensitive. Like we can't have the painfully sweet without the painfully passionately opinionated. It's all big huge emotions that are hard to fit into that little body.


You've started singing. Mostly in the car, quietly, along with whatever music is on (Laurie Brekner is your current favorite). It's adorable to hear your tiny sweet voice just a touch quieter than the singing blaring from the speakers - we like to drive with it loud, especially when Daddy isn't in the car.


You still love to narrate your life, talk non-stop, use different voices when playing with your "guys". Then in the car it's constant chatty chatty unless you're singing. Sometimes I think you think your job is to entertain us with your constant banter. I understand, I've felt that responsibility too. Sometimes I say I want to talk to Daddy for a few minutes, or I want to listen to the radio. That seems to help you feel the responsibility lift. And then when Noah starts talking you've lately lamented: "I never get to talk!" and I stifle a giggle. I'm sorry it never feels like enough talking.


Your "spot" on top of your head is growing in. We had half jokingly thought it would take 3-4 years because it took you so long to get the hair you do have. But I see that there are short pieces that have grown in. It's still thin but it's coming. We've gotten better about keeping the spot covered after the first sunburn and it gets tricky to tell the story over and over again.


In continued modeling of all that is grown up around you ... you love to type on the computer, help with cooking, vacuum whenever the opportunity arises, draw, make beds, fold laundry, talk on the phone ... And your passionate about all of it, always.


We love you feisty girl - even if you should have been born with red hair ;)

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