Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dear Noah 5 years 11 mos

Dear Noah,
You're this close to six. I was just talking to other moms about how when your baby turns one, it's such a milestone. And then two – that's huge. But it's nothing when you realize how impressive three is … and on and on it goes. So six. Big stuff, kid! Your upcoming birthday is once again amazing me. We found the measuring tape that we have written your measurements on since you were three or so. It's been in one box or another for the last year so I was curious to see how much you've grown. Three.and.a.half inches. That seems too much to me. There's no way that I have to bend down to hug you anymore. You're amazing me, always.
We moved a.g.a.i.n this month. Now it's old hat, for you both. I heard Del saying that if we were still in this house this summer … it broke my heart. To think that moving and transition is so normal for you both. Neither of you seem bothered but it makes me sad. You did have mixed feelings about leaving Winter Hill House. I emphasized the awesome space you'd have to run and play and how fun it would be to share a house with Nina and Poobah and de-emphasized the space it would create between us and Grammy and Grampy. No more multi-night weekly dinners at Grammy and Grampy's. No more routine Zelda dates with Daddy (Zelda being a very fun game for you and Daddy – he plays and you mostly watch – with great body movements as you empathize with the struggles Link has in the game and also offering helpful ideas when Daddy is stuck), no more routine sleepovers. You decided our new house was bigger than Winter Hill House … until we created a maze of boxes that took the entire month to clear out (and then some!). Then you thought this house wasn't quite as big as Winter Hill.


It was fascinating to me as we worked tirelessly on stripping wallpaper, painting, unpacking … how you lead the charge in continuing to live life. There was no pause in playing and exploring and learning because we had moving in to do! You used incredible amounts of painters tape to create blockades around the house. You used the tape to wrap around the banister spindles in intricate designs. You used tape to block off everyone's bedroom doorways. You used tape to block off the entrance to your fort, created by tunnels and caves using still-packed-boxes in the entryway. You found Nina and Poobah's big big exercise ball and turned it into a drum. You explored outside, using your super bullying skills to keep Marvin, our inherited sheep at bay. You became slightly confused about the merits of the term “bullying”. Nina said that Marvin was a bully, what with all his hoof stomping and headbutting. You took it upon yourself to become a better bullier so you could protect your sister. You were impressed with Eden's bullying skills towards Marvin. You very downheartedly explained that Marvin was the best bullier after all after his headbutted you to the ground after a few weeks of always bettering him. So we explained that the word “bully” isn't such a positive thing. We also explained that our plan was to turn Marvin into sausage … when we get a spare minute – or day. In the meantime you stay close to us when we're outside.


We went to the library one day to sign up for new library cards. Oh! The excitement. And that started our whirlwind Magic Treehouse addiction. I think we've made it to book 13 and I'm trying to hold you off on taking out the next million because I'd really like to read something else! They are quick easy reads so lots of fun (as in three can be read in one day, easily). I'm sneaking in a memoir called “Rascal” about a boy who raises and raccoon and hopefully after that I can get in “The Birchbark House”.
Homeschooling in a more “official” way – or as official as we roll around here – is on hold, more or less. Things are super super busy and there's so much to do and see and explore. What really eased the pressure (like I said, it's not at all like we stick to a routine) is that in our new state the homeschool laws are different and we don't have to file with the state until the year you turn six by December 31st. So we'll keep plugging away when we can and not worry too much about anything formal. Instead we're reading a ton, you're building forts out of hay bales (and then demanding all the hay bales stay exactly as they are), visiting with family visitors, running around with your sister.


The two of you have a relationship that is unreal. It surprises me regularly. Usually in the morning you play together, building structures, playacting, “reading” side by side, etc. If you haven't had enough sleep or you're hunger then by afternoon the two of you are not so patient with each other. I'm not saying it's perfect, but it's nice to recognize a rhythm and rhyme for your interactions and it's incredible to watch your relationship deepen. It makes me hesitant to add any other siblings into the mix – why rock the boat when you two are so great together. It also makes me hesitant on hanging out with new friends often, because you definitely choose to play with your same age/gendered peers over your sister. But that's a fun side of you to discover too. So life is happening and we're all in on the ride and we're tired but we wouldn't have it any other way!
Love you Baby,

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