Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Del 3years 11mos

Dear Big Girl,
I read recently in The Happiness Project that a good parenting goal would be to induce at least one belly laugh a day from your kids. So I started noticing your belly laughs. It's definitely more than once a day. And now that I'm noticing I'm also having more belly laughs with you. Things I would never find so humorous in the past are now incredibly entertaining - thanks to you! It's especially adorable when you cover your mouth when something isn't funny enough to warrant a belly laugh so you seem to be trying to hold it in. Your laugh makes my day.


You are the quickest to volunteer to help at every opportunity. If there's a mess your just as apt to run for a towel as not. You love helping us cook and will fight your brother for the other broom if I'm sweeping. You're also ready to give instruction whenever you deem the other person less competent. Or you growl. We had your last day of preschool ever this month and while at your school you showed me that that very day your job had been to count the days. Other girls gathered around to count for you, evidently not part of your agenda. You growled (literally) and they quickly found something more entertaining to engage them in another part of the room.


You have definite ideas about life and one thing that's important is your rules around hugs and kisses. You have a routine with Auntie Chels about kisses. When you see her you cover your mouth and squeal while she chases you to tickle you into kiss submission. Whenever I kiss you you say firmly: "No! Remember! I only like it when people say 'I love you'. No hugs and kisses!"


I'm trying to remember all your funny pronunciations like 'poon, compused, and dat. Your growing so fast! I think faster because you're the second child. Not only are we more busy but also you seem to learn things so much quicker because you're quick in general but you also have an older brother. You're super excited about bringing Noah to archery on Monday and you'll demand dress up play instead of lego play, should the mood strike.


You continue to be my sweet tooth girl. Every day you demand sweetness, chocolate preferably. I'm with you, girl. We don't always have chocolate, which is a sad day indeed.


Your slightly apprehensive about our upcoming move. You were sad to leave friends at preschool and you keep asking if we can go back for your birthday. You've been through so many transitions this year, I'm impressed you're still standing! And you still say: "remember at our Brown House (in RI) when we ...".
And next month our baby turns 4!! Eek!

I love you, love you,

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