Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dear Noah 5years+8mos

Dear Noah,
What a month! Daddy was going to go sit in the shooting shack and he asked if you wanted to go. You were thrilled and very serious about the whole affair. You made sure to wear lots of layers (including 5 pairs of underwear) at the suggestion of your parents who knew it would be hours in the cold. Daddy said he explained to you that you'd have to be quiet so you didn't scare away the deer. In general you'd use a quiet voice but then as your story became more animated, so did your voice ... until Daddy would remind you to be quiet and the whole cycle would start again. You did see a deer in the end (although when you got home you were more interested in telling everyone you saw a fox) and Daddy shot at it. It was almost dark so daddy didn't end up finding it until the next morning.


You were excited to be part of the adventure - but mostly about seeing the fox, I think, and spending time with Daddy at the shooting shack. From what I've gathered that's what hunting season is all about though - going to deer camp and hanging out - hunting deer is not necessary.


You're still loving being read to. At the beginning of the month we were reading the orinal Robin Hood. I think we're half way through and we got distracted with the holidays. Robin Hood was confusing too because the good guys were the outlaws and the bad guys were the knights and the princes. Mommy got an e-reader for Christmas and now we're 60% through The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit. I'm hoping to start Fairy Tales soon but I struggle with the gender issues and the fighting ... We'll see. You have your eyes on The Magic City by E. Nesbit.


You're maturity surprises me as does the way you turn a phrase. Your vocabulary amazes me regularly. I love how you've adopted the values we've been teaching unconsciously your whole life. At a recent family gathering a cousin grabbed a handful of your hair to tousle it. This was a cousin you rarely see and probably don't remember at all because she lives out of state. You were very upset as you saw this as quite disrespectful - it's not respectful to grab someone's hair, especially when you don't know them. You had the experience to tell you that this didn't feel right and you left the situation, but not the confidence to question this stranger's actions. I'm so pleased that you know that everyone is to be respected - no matter their age.
We explained that this was this cousin's way of saying: "hey! I haven't seen you in a long time! You've gotten so big! And look at all that hair!" without actually saying anything. That made some sense to you.


Legos have become THE toy in this house. You beg Daddy to play legos with you whenever he's home and you spend hours playing this super cool lego game you got for Christmas. It's so cool to see what you create - mostly vehicles that do cool things like have propellers, include storage places for gold and treasure, etc.


You miss your sister like crazy when she's off at school and seeing the games you two come up with and the way you use words with each other ... I hope your relationship is this awesome forever.

I love you muchly,

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